5 thoughts on “What is the herbal medicine should I take when I have a kidney problem?

  1. No herbal medicines. Just the regular vitamans and Cranberries in any form are perfect.A nd don’t forget the Vit. E

  2. coconut.my sister uses it when her kidney hurts when she urinates. seems to help her alot.

  3. Have you tried AZO? You find it at wal-mart or pharmacy. Sorry you didn’t mention what kind of problem. This is good for an infection.

  4. drink plenty of water, drink cranberry juice (non sweetened and not from concentrate) and take grape seed extract.

  5. It depends on what kind of problem. All of these are for problems of the kidney, but don’t take any until you know what they are specifically for, as there are many things that can be wrong with the kidneys, and these are for specific problems.
    American cranebill, American hellebore, cinnamon, daisy, devil’s claw, goldenrod, gum arabic, jaborandi tree, jamaican dogwood, juniper, kelpware, nettle, night blooming cereus, nutmeg, oak, Queen Ann’s lace, parsley, parsley piert, St. John’s wart, sarsaparilla, schisandra.
    Now these are for disorders of kidneys. Doesn’t include other things.

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