5 thoughts on “Are christian can only place faith in God and can;t believe in those occult like Fengshui geomancy?

  1. Christians do not believe in the occult at all.

    Feng Shui, numerology, etc. are nonsense, IMO.

  2. i think that a mistake that many people make is that they assume Christians do not believe in occult and sorcery / magic etc. this may be true for a percentage of Christians though. i guess it depends where they are on thier journey… and if they are infants or mature followers of the Lord.

    it is one thing to believe it exists, which it does (and most Christians know this) , but it is another thing to follow or to practice occult activities.

    God explains where these activities get thier power from.

    God is in a position to know what is healthy and what isn’t for all of us. He also knows the deceptive lure of many of our past and present interests.

    Christ & HIs followers displayed authority over Demonic Spirits (which are often the power behind such practices as those you ask of and others) and there are many accounts of sorcery and ‘False Wonders’ etc in the bible.

    Many people who practice the sort of things you ask about are amateurs and barely scratch the surface of what is there, but nevertheless find negative effects sooner or later as the darkness manifests itself over time. However, some know the occult in a much more serious level and there are many who can testify of the fact that they became captives to the darkness and in many cases have found that Jesus Christ has been the only way for them to be set free from it.

    God isn’t not trying to stop you from having fun, as many people assume when advised against things that have thier roots in occult practices.
    What God says to us, (things that people like to call laws and rules) are metaphorically like handrails to keep you from falling over the edge into a ruined and wasted life.

    Ultimately only all good things come from God. the Spiritual enemy of every human is trying to lure us from God’s goodness by displaying manipulations and counterfeits of Gods good spiritual gifts.

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