What is astrology really? How does it work?

For the first time in my experience, Stephanie Jones, made planetary alignments and sun signs understandable. CreateYourHealth.com with support by Tube Mogul bring you this interesting woman and her amazing gifts. Astrology for healing!

2 thoughts on “What is astrology really? How does it work?

  1. Hello there – Thanks for your opinion! I totally appreciate your tuning in to my CreateYourHealth Channel. I’m all about exploring interesting things as I healed myself from all kinds of illnesses using things like this…and more. It’s all about having the choice. Take what you like and leave the rest; with almost 50 episodes I hope you find something that works for healing you.

  2. Where does she get this bullcrap from? I can’t believe that in 2010, people are still being fooled by this crap.

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