Native American Healing In The 21st Century –

This DVD looks at the ancient health and healing methods of American Indians. It discusses the invaluable contributions the Native Americans made to our early frontier heritage and shows how many of those same healing plants and herbs are an important source of today’s modern methods of maintaining health. Learn Native American healing practices from traditional tribal elders. Learn from today’s respected physicians thecrossover of ancient Native American healing remedies to present-day medical practices. Discover the contents of a 350 year old Indian medicine bag. Learn about Herbal healing remedies for Heart & Circulatory, Arthritis, Female conditions, Respiratory, Asthma, Skin Conditions, Digestive tract. Sinus and much more… The point is clearly made that what has been effective for thousands of years may still be the best means of maintaining a healthy lifestyle today.

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  1. Can you help us find my grand father robert melton died in 1975 his father was charlie melton both were indian we have done research for years and can not find him robert name and we want to know why he was so sad and drank so much so if you can help us find out any thing about him is my email address.

  2. @Helimoth so is your form of ‘correcting’ what you use to correct indian men on the reservation for domestic violence, rape against women and children to get you numbers up above 2.5 times higher than the rest of the u.s. population

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  4. @brownangeleyes1972 This video is absolutely correct.. I went to an American Indian healer for several years. She told me that I am a healer and don’t know it. I since have used this gift on myself and others. Its all about what this lady is saying.We don’t have to suffer because there is a real power to this and if your open for understanding it will work for health and happiness

  5. The Native Americans have had a big impacted on me. How we should respected everything in this world from the largest animal to the smallest plant.

  6. My grandmother was a medicine woman. She was leery of doctors, and the pills they pushed. Money is the big motivator
    in the US and it will never change. Being green is a new fad.
    It has always been practiced by natives. I walk the good Red Road Everyday. I walk soft on the land.

  7. the white corps of america should be seeking out real indian people to be on forefront of green movement – the very people who represent mother earth aren’t even asked to be part of the societal change to work green jobs to heal planet. Where’s the mktg agenda for that folks? There’s profit in this idea for everyone.

  8. “They knew more about their world than we know about our own.” And what did the white man do? They destroyed their whole way of life….The white man viewed them as primitive and ignorant….but it was the white man who was primitive and ignorant……So sad……This is and the treatment of the African Americans are sad, tragic and horrific chapters in our Country’s history books.

  9. Namaste! Thank you, for sharing! This is a wonderful opener for my series on Holistic Healing.
    Lisa from Munich

  10. I believe a big part of cancer is due to water sources. I think that the products people use hair care,dental care,face care household products are part of the problem. I would like to incorporate holistic healing in some of my natural organic products. We need to heal our water sources.

  11. Our medicine is the best anyway the “western medicine” cures 1 problem in exchange for cancer,nausea,tumors,kidney or liver failure and who knows what else it’s like a conspiracy 2 kill off the human race!

  12. I’m getting distrustful to mainstream medicine and always getting more interest in alternative medicine such as native american and chinese medicine.
    I didn’t get a job this summer so I am using the time to acquaint myself with the healing powers of plants. This is an amazing world I’m discoverinh though this. I used to see plant as just plants but now I give attention to single species. I feel much more connected to the nature than before.

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