1 thought on “What are the esoteric tokens of power for Scorpio?

  1. I don’t really know, but the first thing that popped into my mind are objects which the Scorpio has had in their possesssion for a very long time. The older the better. I also think items which they use in their daily life are of significance, things that pick up on the frequencies of Scorpio’s thoughts and mumblings – like a cup, or a blanket, or a necklace they wear every day…

    I’m completely just throwing things out there. I think of the Scorpios I know, and their personal daily possessions, particularly ones they’ve had for a significant portion of their lifetime, have a feeling of being imbued with great power. Almost like if you tried to take that belonging or vandalise it, it would rain down its own Scorpio wrath upon you. Very strong energy involved… sometimes I wonder if Scorpios do it on purpose, though they never admit it when I ask.

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