Ae Fond Kiss by John Morrell – Robert Burns

A Scottish lyrical masterpiece – a Dougie Maclean arrangement.I started to choke up a couple of times during this song; the lyrics get me every time. This ones for my Grandad, who loved this song.( for guitarists -The low E string is raised to G, then capoed on the 4th or 5th.)Recorded live in the Hofgarten Kaberett in Aschaffenburg, Germany.5th july 2006

20 thoughts on “Ae Fond Kiss by John Morrell – Robert Burns

  1. Here´s an instruction video on how to play the song.I hope it helps.

  2. I explain the tuning on the info. Here it is again. Capo on the 4th or 5th fret – use what suits your voice – and tune the low E string up to G. It´s that simple. chords are G Em Am D. with a few variations of the above.

  3. Please let me know the tuning,It seems to be an open tuning of some kind? More than just raising the low E string?
    My favorite song of all time done to perfection!

  4. Yes indeed. Although to say I´m the same man I was then would be misleading. 20+ years under the bridge. I took your advice and learned ´Clap` ! You can see it on my other videos. By the way you´ve a great memory; I forgot I used to play the Entertainer !!

  5. Alright. Are you the same John Morrell who used to play at the Irish Pub in Hanau back in 1987? You used to play “The Entertainer” and I challenged you to learn “The Clap”. Please say you’re the same John Morrell.

  6. This is one of my favorite Robert Burns tunes. Actually it’s my favorite poem, and you do it so well. I was going to say The Lea Rig was my favorite, (like sung by Andy Stewart) but I think yours is particularly pretty!
    Tell me why you were in Germany. Music, obviously…I’ll have to see your other videos.

  7. hey john,not sure if you remember bar,germany,moenchengladbach.little barmaid???amazing video.would love to see you again sometime.take care,sandra

  8. Morty !! you took me by surprise ! I do green grow but haven´t uploaded it yet. I gave everyone a double whammy of the clap for their entertainment 🙂 What do think of the stuff were playing ?
    ANYWAY is a fairly new project, we´ve done many more gigs, i think you´ll enjoy some future songs like – yours is no disgrace – have a cigar etc.. email me; address is on the other videos.Youtube won´t allow me to post my email address.

  9. Brilliant John, would like to see you do Green groe the rashes or learn some Clash songs.
    Sorry to see you’ve still got the clap after all these years.
    David Morton

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