3 thoughts on “Can/May I put Expired Medicine (OTC), Herbal Medicines in my Compost Bin?

  1. Guess if it is herbal then why not? Could be interesting, you could sell the compost on as a cure-all.

    Roll up Roll up, gets yer miracle muck here, $5 a bottle, £10 for the cream!

  2. Not a good idea to put the OTC meds into compost. Either throw them into your waste basket or flush them down the toilet. Herbals should be no problem in the compost.

  3. OTC meds DO NOT belong in the water you will drink eventually… so not down the drains, please…. and not in the bins… but wrap securely and put it in the trash…. any herbals that actually were plants at one time are ok in the compost….. any expired prescription meds also go to trash, not down the toilet!!!…..

    we already have a problem with strange meds showing up in our water supply!!….

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