Making a tincture

Tincture Recipes All of these amounts are in parts. (These can also be made as teas if you like) Brain Tonic 1 Gotu Kola 1 Sage 1/2 Peppermint 1/4 Rosemary 1/4 Vinca Minor Headache Tonic 2 Wood Betony 1 Camomile 1 Peppermint 1 Lavender 1/2 Rosemary Female Toner (vaginal healing after birth) 2 Pipsissewn 1 Dandelion Leaf 1 Raspberry Leaf 1 Comfrey Leaf 1/2 Slippery Elm Children’s Punch (to chill out the kids) 2 Camomile 1 Linden 1 Lemon Grass 1 Hibiscus 1 Spearmint 1/2 Catnip 1/2 Cinnamon 1/2 Orange Peal Mix with soda water and sorbet. Chill. Serve with fruit slices. Nutritive Tea 1 Alfalfa 1 Comfrey Leaf 1 Horse Tail 1 Oat Straw 1 Hibiscus 1 Nettles 1 Mugwort 1 Red Clover Stress Tonic 3 Valerian 1/2 Camomile 1/2 Peppermint 1 Skullcap 1 Wood Betony Last two should be made as a tea then added to rest of tincture Sleepy Time Tea 1 Hops 1 Camomile 1/2 Catnip 1/2 Valerian Sweating Tea (for fever) 1 Ginger 1 Yarrow 1 Peppermint Tummy Tonic 1 Peppermint 1 Camomile Online herb stores

20 thoughts on “Making a tincture

  1. Be careful of the comfrey…I heard it caused liver failure/death in a woman that drank it in access in tea

  2. Be careful of the comfrey…I heard it caused liver failure/death in a woman that drank it in access in tea…

  3. @josev1240 I believe it is to make your brain more focused. I know peppermint does this for sure.

  4. i was reading the diffrent tinctures and i was wondering what excactly the brain tonic does?

  5. i havent slept all night youre movie got me in my bed and make me take a nap
    some music would be nice
    yours faithfully
    a stoner from holland

  6. @faerysayles I’m glad you liked it. I did not really sterilize my jar when I did this. I just washed it with good ol’ soap and water.

  7. @TheFaerieFox Oh right, thanks. do you have to sterilize the jars first and how? I am very new to this and this video was very interesting btw!

  8. yay!! i love making tinctures! right now i only have one brewing though (the man person keeps drinking my tincture vodka!!)

  9. Yeah. I figure, if I can’t get the strong stuff, might as well spend a little extra for the good stuff. 😉

  10. It’s a recipe I just made up on my own so I don’t know how effective it will be, but feel free to give it a try. I used:

    1 part Dandelion Leaves
    1 part Fennel
    1/2 part Green Tea Leaf
    1/2 Part Cyanne Pepper

  11. Ok, I know you just walked us through it.. but could you write out the weight loss one?

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