25 thoughts on “Megara Vs. DJ Lee – The Goddess

  1. These two DJs are probably the best pairing out there as far as team/cooperative songs go. One of my favs is Outside World, many eargasms are caused by their music!!!!

  2. lol i love it on 0:59 they put some old skool 80’s electro funk beat in there, NICE!!!!

  3. omfg=O
    until 1:40 i was like *.*
    but upto 1:40 till end i was just *O* gosh this sonqs best all time i simply cant get it outta mi head=O*.*xD

  4. Awesome song from megara vs dj lee, i like that, is really cool, and the beat… woah… eargasmic^^

  5. Dj Lee is einfach der beste!!!
    Aber das Beste is einfach der Anfang mit der Sirene der sich ziemlich genau 1 min hält.

    Dj Lee Vs. Megara FTW!!!

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