How imperative is it to seek a spiritual path in order to find it?

Is it possible that seeking a spiritual path can lead one astray or is a requirement to seek the light in order to follow a path towards spiritual enlightenment?

I’m not asking so much for myself right now, but I am curious as to YOUR opinions.
Wow! Some really nice answers!

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  1. No. If life is the one you are supposed to gain spiritual enlightenment, it’ll happen.

  2. It is well known that seek and you shall find is a true statement however I don’t believe it’s the only path. There are some that I know that simply live an amazing spiritual existence without ever having to seek anything. For example, my 13 year old student named Juli was diagnosed with a brain tumor at age 9. She went through hell but is now better. She lives everyday like it’s her last.. She is so awake that it’s a constant reminder to me of how we should be living.

  3. @’How imperative is it to seek a spiritual path in order to find it?”

    No-one can speak spiritual but the spirit inside you.

    Not too far to look.

  4. We tend to think that if God compels us to do something and we are obedient to Him, He will lead us to great success. We should never have the thought that our dreams of success are God’s purpose for us. In fact, His purpose may be exactly the opposite. We have the idea that God is leading us toward a particular end or a desired goal, but He is not. The question of whether or not we end at a particular goal is of little importance, and reaching it becomes merely an episode along the way. What we see as the process of reaching a particular end, God sees as the goal itself.

    Whether it is a material desire, a career path, spiritual path, etc. It is the preparation and not the destination which is lesson. Whether we stray or not while on our Paths of Life is not what is important more so than we walk a path, period.


  5. There are many spiritual paths, thats why there are so many religions and types of faith. Please read this scripture in the Bible: James chapter 1 verse 5.

  6. God says seek and you will find.

    If you don’t seek, you don’t search for answers to your questions, you are just left wondering. Because while spiritual enlightenment is out there to understand, it is not forced on anyone. If your not that hungry for it you don’t need to have it.

    We can be lead astray very easily this is why we need to make sure not to just follow our emotions. Question what you are being taught, is this right or false spirituality. It is ok to be a spiritual being and have a brain God does.

  7. If you are lead in the wrong direction it could hurt you, remember all religions do not preach the same Jesus Christ as the bible does, John even stated that some in his days already have started to preach their own Jesus Christ.

  8. You must seek to find, anything. When we seek Truth in God, in the Highest, He will guide us, enlighten us, protect us and love us all the way, in His Light.
    It is when we depend on others to show us the way, that we find ourselves misguided.

  9. it is possible that the path they are on, may lead them astray in the eyes of others.
    IE: I was a christian for many years,and felt out of place.
    I left that path and was agnostic. I felt great, but missed the companionship of a god,and I always loved the aspect of a female God, ie : Goddess.
    Wicca was something I was introduced to,after a conversation with a guy who was Wiccan,and he asked a few questions and said: I think you may be a pagan or Wiccan,at heart.
    I went to the bookstore and at the time, the best book for a brand-spanking new Wiccan was by Silver-Ravenwolf. I read it and wanted more.
    (The Big Blue, by Raymond Buckland, and anything by Scott Cunningham and Dorothy Morrison was considered to be the “meat” of Wicca,and i was still in the “milk” stages.)

    This opened my eyes to other religions,other realms.
    This was the first step into another life for me.

    I left,came back,left, and after much soul-searching,and am back to stay after I realized that this is the place for me.

  10. Hi there!

    That is why people ask- ….why are we here?
    Seeking is educational for finding answers.
    That is why we should question ourselves at times in life.

    Peace and prosperity to you!

  11. I believe it is a requirement. Without learning about different spiritual paths, you have nothing to jump start your spirituality. You have to take into account all perspectives. If there werent different paths, then it would be WAY easier to obtain enlightenment. I believe the answer is ultimatly within ourselves, and that is the ultimate lesson we have to learn. But you must come to this conclusion by finding out that no one spiritual path is right.

  12. After finding the path, one should treed the path. Make use of the path. Merely finding the path or seeing the map, one cannot reach the destination.

  13. It does not happen automatically.
    At first something wakes up in us, something which pulls us beyond the material and physical reality and fulfillments, and then this point in us drives us to search, as we cannot just sit still due to the pulling force.
    So when it happens to you you will start searching whether you want it or not, until you find a teaching, method, practice, etc which satisfies you, where you find that you have the answers to all of your questions.
    many times it takes years, countless books, and teachers until we settle to the one that fits us.
    I hope it helps, below you will find a link to the method I have found after years of searching, all the best with your search!

  14. When you go by whats right and your ready for the next step it will find you. A teacher will show up.

  15. There need no path as we are already in It full and complete, we only have to awaken to it to access and be by silencing the non existent myth/mind that has dished out to us a false world/ego

  16. Seek,
    Break the ego,
    Put the puzzle together,
    look for the hints,
    break the codes,
    get the light,
    merge them together,
    let them form,
    from the formless

    And you will find that there was nothing to search for in the first place but to realise and know

    then the circle is complete

  17. Path? There’s no bloody path! Wait … what’s that? Oh … sorry … my bad … there IS a path. But it leads within.

    My buddy and pal Jesus once said “To find God you must look within”. This is SO true. BUt I believe there are certain pre-requisites involved. When I was about 19, I read Napolean Hills Think and Grow Rich. It was about making money, to many, but to me it was about achieving perfection. Years ago I read how many people awaken early and KNOW their path OR they have teachers who SHOW them their path. These are people like J. Paul Getty, Howard Hughes, Bill Gates. The Masons are supposed to be privileged with the necessary answers. The Skulls teach all of their members the “secrets” to finding the path. I believe a certain amount of learning is required and then, with this knowledge, or map, we take off on our journey, sit down, meditate, and go inside. Have you noticed how vast we are inside? IT is incredible. You can travel for days, weeks, or months and still not see it all. What are we looking for within ourselves? We are seeking US … ourselves … WE are the Gods of our Worlds. WE control our destiny, ultimately. Fate can guide us and people can show us but it is up to US to accept and understand. Once we wake up to that, then we can proceed.
    Oftentimes our journey is interrupted or we come to a fork in the road. It is up to us, accompanied by our prior knowledge, to be able to navigate the roads of life and go with the bends and the hills and the troughs, and still trudge on in our relentless search for more and more knowledge. For it is knowledge that sets us free. Knowledge is strength. There are many people, weak AND strong, who are ALL questing certain things in life. It seems that EVERYONE is searching for the same thing and yet different things at once. It is the great conundrum of life.

    At present there is this Galactic Sale on Enlightenment at a Spiritual Mall near YOU, and me, and us. For the past 50 years Nature and the Creator have been ushering us forward and for some reason, 2012 seems to be the final end of the sale, on December 21. At that time, we should all be absorbed, so to speak. For the Trekkers, we will be assimilated. The Borg of Earth will finally have achieved that which has been sought for millenniums. We, those who still remain, will become ONE thought, ONE mind, ONE body. WE will become THAT which we have seeked for ages. WE will become what our literal definition is of God. All knowing, all present, all loving. Once we actually BECOME that which we have SOUGHT, we will be FREE.

    The Galactic party on Earth invitations have already been sent spiritually into the Cosmos. The Pleiadians have already responded and will be here in full regalia. It should be fun … be sure to be here and alive in 2012 for the festivities.

    I AM

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