What manga do you know that about fairies?

Manga about fairies or pixies.
List them from your favorite to least favorite.
Give a little information on the manga to help me choose.

4 thoughts on “What manga do you know that about fairies?

  1. I don’t know any manga with fairies or pixies but you may like Shugo Chara because it has characters with chibi (small) “people” and it’s the guardian characters or in short, Shugo Chara

  2. A fairy is the second most consistent character other than guts in Berserk and it is a great manga. There is also alot more to do with fairies later in the series.

  3. Fairy Cube
    Created by Kaori Yuki
    Hasumi Ian has believed to see Fairies and other things since he was little (His mother being a fairy told by his father), however now tries to keep that away since his title as the famous writers son ‘Lying Ian’. Lately there have been several mysterious murders known as the ‘Fairy Murders’ which Ian encounters a scene due to his bag being stolen by his other unseen self ‘Tokage’ that involves ‘Fairy Cubes’.

    Its pretty good, you might enjoy it.

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