2012 : Mayan Calender Corresponds to I-Ching

“The wiser an angel is, the more innocent he will appear to be.” Swedenborg “The genius is the most sublime machine there is- and consequently, the most fragile.” Nietzsche “The wisest man would be one richest in contradiction, for he would have an antennae for all kinds of man.” Nietzsche

25 thoughts on “2012 : Mayan Calender Corresponds to I-Ching

  1. Very good outlook you have on Mayan text.They were truly ahead of their own time in understanding the universe and you seem to be ahead in your understanding of the “golden age”.
    I have a video of my trip to the ruins on my page with some nice shots,check it out.

  2. you are wise. thanks for sharing your knowledge and insight with us..uncertain times we live in..please keep with your work..many are influenced..there’s still time for mind-openings 🙂

  3. I believe that maybe time traveler visited the mayans and told them what was gonna happen

  4. hmm, moon and saturn in Pisces (the most psychic sign) and jupiter and pluto in the other intuitive Water sign Scorpio…
    You and I have Mars in Aries (the sign Mars rules btw) which means that we’re rugged individualists who go on there own whether or not they have anyone to follow them…

  5. On a side note thank you so much for all your videos. You are changing my life and I am so happy that you are alive

  6. I’m experiencing the flowering. This year has been an incredible time of growth for me. I can feel it and see it in the people around me. Its very introverted and not as publicly manifested as the 60s/70s, like you said you have to be sensitive. Everything I know has been torn down and rebuilt or more like, left like lego pieces. I feel like its preparing me for 2012

  7. And i am sure they will never release his writtings, atleast not the unedited files but it would have been soo awesome to have free electricity all over the world with electric cars, we would be set… Oh well !!

  8. I agree, but Tesla borders on being more than a genius he talks about recieving messages in the form of flashes of lightning and seemed somewhat out of this world,almost supernatural. I just finished creating a t-shirt that says GOOGLE: NIKOLA TESLA which i will wear whereever i go just so more people know about this man and his AMAZING contributions. The past may not have been kind to Tesla but we can make sure the future is. If you want, i can make you a shirt too 🙂

  9. the mind is technology, especially a blessed mind that has become non-localized and is not bound by time/space or limits. then he is all powerful he can change into an atom or the size of a galaxy at will.

  10. hey! about the skeptical part where u talk about aliens 2012 thing. have u seen alex collier videos? he says andromedans know that a new frequency tone is coming ou t of all galaxies in the universe. so it is universe event if this man is telling the truth about his experience w/ the andromedans. advanced technology doesnt mean more consciously evolved. yogis can do unspeakable things that other off planet races need tech to do.

  11. Interesting enough, Nov 13-14th was election day in US when Obama won the election. It is fair enough to say that it was a Flower Power day and everybody was happy (in most parts of the world) and still today still remain a sense of general optimism (to which I don’t subscribe to) about the future and the overcoming the present economic crisis.
    Very good vid. Thank you

  12. he’ll change up to that date and then we’ll see what happens beyond, especially by following new revelations and continuing to learn and experience/ follow and manifest intentions.
    Dec. 21 2012, the winter solstice, what’s said to happen does not represent the end of the world only a transformation of it. and part of that transformation occurs NOW too, leading up to and beyond
    the culmination of our positioning in the cosmos/ phase of the process in evolution peaks up to March 21, 2013=complete

  13. he’s a straight genius and we could be living w/ free electricity if we utilized his ideas and actually let them RELEASE the rest of his writings~!!

  14. I am watching your videos and i am dying to talk to you. I have been meaning to do some mental exercises with like minded people, like maybe do a meetup at Starbucks and talk about the change thats upon . As much as i am enjoying and agree with what you are saying i am equally frustrated that i cant communicate my thoughts to you as well. I cant wait for telepathic communication but i am also aware that it will not be in our lifetimes. blog > bilalsworldorder

  15. Mayans did not die. There are still 8 million mayans between Yucatan peninsula, Guatemala and Belize…Two weeks ago I was talking with one of them, he was our tour guide in Cozumel (Mexico).

    It is just that they moved one, most of them do not pay any attention to their own calendar.

    And hey if nothing happens on Dec 22 2012, I will visit back some guys in MEXICO just to laugh at their faces too… HAHAHA

  16. You know how many times that Mayans and everyone else predict that something will happen? You know how many times people (including Nostradamus) predicted that the world will end before 2012? Well you never hear about that because everyone wants to believe and people turn a blind eye when the supposed prophet is wrong.

    You have obviously been slightly brainwashed by that book and the only way for you to see reason again is on Dec 22 2012. Until then, you won’t change.

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