Dolores Cannon: The Mayan Calendar, 2012 and 5D Earth

Formore on spirituality, 2012 and meditation, please visit and Regression hypnotherapist Dolores Cannon talks about the Mayan Calendar, 2012 and what to expect on 5D Earth as evidenced by her regression hypnotherapy clients who have been reporting on future events while under hypnosis.. Dolores’ website Honors for this video (14) #20 – Most Viewed (Today) – Science & Technology – Australia #27 – Most Viewed (Today) – Science & Technology – Canada #31 – Most Viewed (Today) – Science & Technology – United Kingdom #36 – Most Viewed (Today) – Science & Technology – Ireland #34 – Most Viewed (Today) – Science & Technology – India #23 – Most Viewed (Today) – Science & Technology – New Zealand #34 – Most Viewed (Today) – Science & Technology #87 – Most Viewed (Today) – Science & Technology – Mexico #90 – Most Viewed (Today) – Science & Technology – France #76 – Most Viewed (Today) – Science & Technology – South Korea #44 – Most Viewed (Today) – Science & Technology – Netherlands #41 – Most Viewed (Today) – Science & Technology – Sweden #7 – Top Favorited (Today) – Science & Technology #29 – Top Rated (Today) – Science & Technology

25 thoughts on “Dolores Cannon: The Mayan Calendar, 2012 and 5D Earth

  1. @saturnx311 not child belongs to noone, they’re free, we’re all free, be in peace

  2. @Yunginspirit then you’de be the first cristian that does not judge, because if cristians have sucha bad fame is because they like to judge, that’s it

  3. Mr.Calleman proves that october 21st 2011 is the beggining of the change and the completion of the change is on dec 21 2012. We are closer than we think

  4. @bohemianwriter1 The whole women’s lib movement started with the Rockefellers. and the CIA, who FUNDED Ms. magazine. The abortion lobby has made it possible, against OVERWHELMING protest, for YOU to kill your own baby, BECAUSE IT IS PROFITABLE. This is absolutely true. If you found out that I was speaking truth, would you still argue so passionately in favor of it? If so, then you are a perfect “useful idiot” for the cause.
    it serves the dual purpose of getting rid of people. ZPG–remember??

  5. @bohemianwriter1 if you did enough research, you would know where the hugely powerful abortion lobby came from. Indeed, it all started with eugenics. This is what is wrong with the world today: people like you have been convinced just because there was enough money behind this in the first place. “My body-my choice!” right?
    as soon as you get pregnant, YOU GIVE UP THE CHOICE. You have ALREADY chosen, when you had sex.
    abortion DID start with eugenics. “Rockefeller” <-- start there

  6. @bohemianwriter1
    if someone wants to kill their own child, they should be able to do it, right? it’s been LEGAL for so me time, after all. tell me, when does this end? at birth? 2 minutes before? an hour before? how about 10 minutes after the birth? why not? you can kill it in the womb– why not just wait until the thing is out of you, then kill it?

    you talk about playing God– that is the way to play God.

  7. @DvD21mIL
    hate. well, you just showed who YOU are, didn’t you?
    this is exactly what she’s talking about, idiots like you will be stuck here.

  8. @bohemian: Yes…exactly! God wants us to be happy, not just here and now, but in the life to come. Wickedness was never happiness. He (omniscient God) knows the beginning to the end. He knows what you are going to do tomorrow long before the idea/s germinate in your mind…He knows how your life will eventually end up. He knows what is best for us & wants us to be happy. God’s commandments & warnings are to help us stay on course so that we can return to His presence once more. Choose wisely.

  9. @Yunginspirit
    If you think that personal choices is the same as Hitlers’ eugenics, then I feel sorry for you. Because your whole basis of argument must come from some insane preacher or a fake religion. Would you force people, even young girls to have the baby even if it would risk boths lives? You wanna play god?
    Abortion has been legal for some generations already. You really think that’s about racial eugenics? Please. You are again arguing with emotions with no basis in facts.

  10. @bohemianwriter1- I didn’t say that ‘you’ supported eugenics. Hitler wanted the perfect race, just like modern-day supporters of eugenics (plus they think the world is going to become over-populated one day…but it will not!). Why do you think those who run abortion clinics try & talk/force every young Hispanic, black & minority group & those expecting a not perfect enough child to have an abortion? The world is becoming an increasingly wicked place…ripe for the ‘big burn,’ unfortunately.

  11. @Yunginspirit
    The only one who’s playing on emotions here is you…

    Sorry! You fail morality 101, History 101, and biology 101…
    AND spirituality 101.
    Who needs to have an abortion is none of your business. Unless you want back the days where such things were done illegaly in back allys..

  12. @Yunginspirit
    Maybe it’s “Gawds” will for each and everiyone to decide when they want kids!

    Besides: You’re full of BS. Talking about a genocidal skyspook and then put pro-choicers in the same sauce pan as Adolf. Now that was some kind of ignorant Godwins. I’ll tell you a secret: During Adolfs time it was forbidden to have an abortion. And his people was also fllaggwaving, nationalistic bunch of morons as well. Has the old Nazis been reincarnated and become “god-fearring” Americans today?

  13. @bohemianwriter1: It’s really not for us to decide anyway…God giveth life and He taketh away. It’s folks like you, pro-abortionists and supporters of eugenics (like Hitler & Sangarites & Secularists) who actually play on ppls’ emotions. An unborn child cannot defend itself and once those first cells start dividing and multiplying nature must be allowed to take it’s course. Life comes from God…please don’t presume that you are omniscient and omnipotent as He.

  14. @Yunginspirit
    The only one displaying staggering naivity is yourself.

    What you are doing is playing on emotions, and not on reasoning….

    Up until a certain time in the pregnancy this “human being” is nothing more than a bunch of cells.

    Unless you mean that life begins at conception….

  15. @bohemianwriter: Don’t be so naive and ignorant in your reasoning. A fetus is a living, developing human being. How do you think you came into being? Don’t tell me you haven’t seen one on TV or a picture of a fully formed baby that has been aborted? Check it out here on YT. To kill a life in vitro is the same as if it were out of the mother’s womb…murder!

  16. @Yunginspirit
    I KNOW Christianity is a giant scam. See, I have studied religions and philosophy for many years..
    There is no “Gospel of Jesus Christ” in the Bible. There are 4 gospels writn by people from parts unkown.
    I think you should go to a Hopi shaman and get educated. He’ll give you insights that will debunk practically everything that your paulinean teachings have been poisoning your head with…

  17. Show me where in the bible that Jesus condemens abortions as muirder the same way as religious freaks do!
    “Gods” teachings are being claimed by dosens of religions around the world. Yet you claim that only Christianity hqave legitmacy. Example 2: Your boy Bush hdid not regret for sending innocent ppl top their deaths in Teexas. That makes your evanglist Bush to a murderer. And he lied to you about a war., and condoned torture. That makes him a war criinal. and what tdo you care about? FETUSES!

  18. @bohemianwriter1: Oops…I gave you a ‘thumbs up’ by mistake! ; (
    Of course abortion is against God’s teachings. We are not to take a life, we do not have that right. The difference between a condemned man on death row is that he is guilty of murder…putting a halt to the victim’s experience and progression upon the earth (which is of utmost important to us and God), while an unborn child is innocent and needs to experience life also. God gives life, and He takes it away.

  19. @bohemianwriter1 – If you think that Christianity is a huge scam, then you obviously do not understand it more than most Christians. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is True and Perfect…but it’s the people who are imperfect. Try not to get so upset at what Christians or other religions focus on or believe in. I really don’t mind what it is that you practice, or if you have no belief at all. Live and let live my friend.

  20. @Yunginspirit

    I can continue plucking your religion to pieces if you ask me nicelly…

  21. I really think I understand the gospels a hell of a lot better than you. That’s why I consider Christianity a giant scam.
    Christianity have vaded in other peoples blood for millenia. Self justified as self proclaimed evangelists for your prophet in chief.
    Look at yourself! Homophobia! Yet Jesus neverr mentioned being gay as a sin. That’s a Pauline doctrine taken out of the OT. Anti abortion. Talk about invading a womans uteruce. Jesus never mentioned having an abortion as an ultimate sin.

  22. @Yunginspirit
    Here we go again:

    You Christians are ALWAYS using the “symbolism” when it fits you. And what makes it som magical by having a symbolic cannibalistic sacrament?
    Get your head out of your bible, and discover a world of spirituality…

    Here’s how it is: Christianity is nothing more than a fusion of politics and simple party tricks…

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