The Zen Mind – An Introduction

This is a clip from The Zen Mind documentary, filmed in Japan. It serves as a nice overview of zen – a topic very few people can fully understand. EmptyMind Films.

25 thoughts on “The Zen Mind – An Introduction

  1. @sacore3 but Buddhism is a way of life, not necessarily a religion…thankfully. I totally agree with you, I have not been “christian” for many more years than I have embraced Buddhist teachings.

  2. @Yawwwn1990 lol i am/was born christian but i totally agree with what your saying. I like the teachings in Zen buddhism and i think it is much more logical and goes along with what I’ve been thinking for so long. I also thought that judaism christianity and islam were spread through violence and most of the things taught in those religions made no sense. When i was little i remember thinking how silly the teachings sounded. I was going to become athiest but this is a much cooler religion.

  3. I discovered last night that I don’t have a mind. This would worry me a bit. Except, I have no mind to do the worrying with. I think my cat stole it, thus the funny looks sometimes.

  4. i would also like to apologise i feel that rated comment of mine was taken way out of context i wasnt trying to troll other faiths…but after going through so many Youtube videos with ignorant christians or muslims going out of thr way to comment on a video that does not concern them…to leave a negative comment and tell anybody whos inclined towards buddhism that thr going to burn in hell for eternity…it got a little boring thus i went on a rant..

  5. @groovegears Not as good as the usual grammar Nazis i encounter… you missed the missing Apostrophe in didn’t…and the unnecessary capital letters…in reguards to sad little grammar Nazis your just a rookie….although with your condescending ways and your dry boring social life ( a common sign amongst Grammar Nazis ) you have all the potential to be a high ranking grammar Nazi…
    Dont give up…you can do it…you can be the saddest socially inept Grammar Nazi youtube has yet to see

  6. @Yawwwn1990
    It’s ironic that you have spelt “your” incorrectly in that sentence. May i suggest “you’re”?

  7. @RyanDotTv I say that all the time to friends and family, and they get p***ed off when I say that. But it is a true staement.

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  9. @Yawwwn1990 Selfishness , jealousy , Anger and hate unconsciously serve to protect us and in doing so set us in opposition to everyone and everything to awaking to this realisation is the practice of Zen … From this very video .

  10. Zen is not essentially religion — it’s a philosophy. Bourne out of observing naturally occuring phenomenon.

  11. Th brown poop is always the brown poop. If it turns green, then it becomes the green poop. When the poop gets wet, then this is the opposite of dry poop, which is poop without water molecules. Thus, one smells the poop with the consciousness of knowing that it can be green, brown, wet or dry. Can there exist other kinds of poop? Indeed. This is the essence of poop knowledge.

  12. @attilaclark that sort of art is obviously well executed but it doesn’t mean anything to me

    blake means something to me, franz xaver messerschmidt means something to me

    there’s a depth to these and one can understand them, tibetan and buddhist art while decorative doesn’t have that imo

  13. @osip7315 Take a look friend at the other branches of Buddhism and see the difference in art …Look at my home page and you will see some incredible art work and then compare that to Zen art. NO comparison. Most people in the USA think Zen when they think of Buddhism. Where is the Bodhisatva in Zen …its not there..Zen is at best only a HINAyana. The first patriarch in Zen the way was wide , By the third Patriach, it had narrowed, By the sixth Patriach it was very Narrow.

  14. @attilaclark a beat up tree and some rocks is just sterile thuggishness

    why not look at some art ? francis bacon might be a bit to your taste, what is he saying with his pope innocenti paintings is that you ?

  15. White cloud , poop in bowl, beat up tree, rocks…I am white cloud, poop in bowl, Now I beat up tree. ahhh it is here …..out comes stick…

  16. Ok , Zen is Buddhism, humm…not quite..It’s about a third Buddhism and two thirds Shinto and Daoism. If you start talking principles, out comes the stick..shut it. If you talk about energy , out comes the stick. It’s about Satori. Wich is fantastic. HOwever, it used to have much more. Much of it has been lost. Zen art and gardening , is it art and gardening , NO, a beat up tree and some rocks is not a garden and a circle on a canvas is not art. Im a real Buddhist.

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