What careers do you think would be best for my personality, according to astrology?

Asc: Capricorn
Sun: Virgo
Moon: Leo
Midheaven: Scorpio

Please don’t say things like: “don’t use astrology to determine career choices because it’s not true.” I already know I can’t rely on it too much.

7 thoughts on “What careers do you think would be best for my personality, according to astrology?

  1. You are just like my son & he is extremely successful. The cap. will help you climb & he is a workaholic. The virgo will help you be really organized. The Leo is your charm & leadership & Scorpio is intensity. I would suggest you think about what you love to do. He walked into a construction co. years ago & to make a long story short he moved up quickly. He speaks spanish which has helped & he got a degree in finance & is almost finished he Master’s in Business. He works so many hours & is a superintendent in building/construction….so what do you love to do. I think he also loves photography & has other interests but went for the field he is in for the money but loves what he does. Go to a book store & walk around to see what interests you. I don’t know how old you are but he would take whatever he liked & he became good at out cooking or whatever at the time.

  2. Seeing as your sun sign is virgo it is probably the dominate one. So I’d say you’d be a good doctor, critic or accountant. Things dealing with attetion to details. Capricaorns tends to be ambitious so choose from these fields the one that has room for growth and advancement, Leos like attentiona and to be in charge so that goes in stride with Capricorns, Now Scorpios i’m not so clear on They are passionate ppl and do tend to be secretive so any field will work but seeing as accounting and medicine both have a need for secrecy (confidentiality) and have room for growth and advancement I’d say one of those but really there are so many choices available becasue so many fields are vast and have loads of areas to focus on. Good Luck finding the perfect fit. I know its a hard joourney and don’t be afraid to try something or to leave something to try something new. Thats all apart of the process.

  3. my local jobcentre ,(i stay in the village called Idiot), is looking for a new puppet judy in ‘punch and judy,’ and for the back of the horse in panto or , have you ever considered being a brain surgeon, or a circus elephant stand in for when he takes his annual 2 week hol, or how about a toilet cleaner?? these are all careers that no one really delves into. young lady, you are not fulfilling your full potential.

  4. Your main character is that of Virgo.

    This sign represents the hidden fire of the earth. People born under it are very orderly and methodical, and are good magnetic healers. Their hands seem charged with curative power. They are generous, and very solicitous about other people’s affairs. They are usually much interested in the love matters of their friends, and have little hesitation in making or breaking matches. They are fine scholars, and make inspirational musicians. They keep their own se­crets, and guard the secrets of their friends with equal fidelity.
    They are capable and efficient in all they under­take, being excellent planners and designers. The women are particularly fastidious about their dress, and like to lead the fashion. They are affectionate and devoted in the family, and are strong believers in blue blood. They aspire to the best things, but are easily discour­aged in their climbing. These people are natural philosophers, and possess the most accurate intellectual discrimination
    of the whole twelve signs of the Zodiac.

    They are capable of reaching great heights as writers, public speakers, and musicians; they are natural chemists, and often excel as newspaper editors, from their knowledge of the reading public. They rebound quickly from defeat or disaster, because having great endur­ance and aptitude they can surmount almost every difficulty. As proof-readers they are exceedingly accurate.

  5. Hi

    Fixed signs favour medical profession, and those pursuits wherein skill and tact is necessary, also a business of stability, and if not strictly of the conventional order, something that is well established and in no way too original or new.
    Of all the signs, this position most requires emotional involvement in the career and money motivation just won’t do. This person needs career security and typical career routes including the armed forces, police, detective or forensic science work, investigative journalism, mining, self employment, research of any kind, medical profession, funeral industry, psychotherapist.

    Pluto ruling the 10th indicates that the job must be one where mass production methods can be utilized, and where a high degree of specialization may be attained.

  6. Asc- Aquarius
    Sun- Sagittarius
    Moon- Leo
    Midheaven- Sagittarius

    Basically, it says something with travelling or religion. I do want to travel more than anything in the world. I have a list of all the countries I will go to ( 63 ).

    I’m going to school for dietetics/nutrition which sounds like a Virgo job!! But I’d rather travel.

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