What does the blank card (just the one with the design on it) mean during a tarot card reading?

During a tarot card reading for my mom the black cover card some how got into the cards. It happened durting a celtic cross spread and it was the futre influence card. Is there any special meaning to this or should the reading be redone?

7 thoughts on “What does the blank card (just the one with the design on it) mean during a tarot card reading?

  1. Behold! God has all-knowledge!
    Do you like having an infinite number of options
    and choices to choose from at this very instant?
    You’re a prisoner of Decision.

  2. The blank card means that we do not exist. (just kidding, but it is a good thought. or maybe it does)

  3. Don’t listen to quill. People are just upset and need someone to blame for the Matrix being in an obvious time loop.

    Like all six billion people were force fed the redpill.

    Blank tarot card means frequent flyer miles.

  4. What does it indicate to you? Obviously, this was an accident… the blank card isn’t generally supposed to be shuffled into the deck and is there as a replacement for lost cards or to add your own symbol to.

    You, as the reader, would need to figure out what such a card might mean. What feelings did you get when it turned up? Oops? Woah? Confusion? Dread? Laughter? Irritation? Emberessment? This is an “omen!”? Follow your gut. If you’re still confused, draw another card to explain what the appearance of this anomolous card might mean.

  5. In my deck the blank card is called To All Believers I use it in my readings. This card represents the secrets we want or need to keep from ourselves during a reading.
    When this card up you can try to pull extra cards for clarification over that one card but most times I just take this as something that cannot be revealed to me at this time.

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