Why is it so rare to find master number 22 in a persons numerology chart?

It seems as if finding a person that is a lifepath number 22 is rare enough, but I have yet to find any who has master number 22 anywhere else in their chart. Like as a the souls urge number or personality number for example. I notice the other master number,(11), is more common to find in a person chart than 22.

2 thoughts on “Why is it so rare to find master number 22 in a persons numerology chart?

  1. It’s just mathematically rare. It’s even more rare to find the number 33 in someone’s chart, next would come 22 and then 11.

  2. I agree with Enuii it is mathematically rare.
    Also the way the calculation is done can cause lower instances of 22.

    Take Quentin Tarantino the film director born 27 March 1963.
    1963 = (1+9+6+3) = 19
    March = 3
    27 = (2+7) = 9

    If you a then add these numbers as 1+9+3+9 you get 22.
    However if you keep reducing the year and then add them 1+9 = 10 = (1+0) = 1 + 3 + 9 = 4

    The free numerology web site I setup reduces the year completely before adding those numbers so Tarantino’s Life Path is a 4.

    However I also have a numerology application on my iPhone which reduces Tarantino’s birthday to 22.

    There’s even more discrepancy with calculating personal years, personal days and months.
    Is it possible to even have a 22 personal month?
    If you have a 11 personal year does that mean November is always a 22 personal month?

    I’ve found this to be a confusing and grey area of numerology.

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