Can astrology be disproved because of it’s contradictions?

Or can they be eliminated?

Do all the websites contradict each other? Yes. Also every astrologer professional or not? Every book on astrology? Definitely. You give out the exact time and birth location, doesn’t that mean your readings be the same? If I go to ten different astrologers or websites, same chart, why do I get ten different results? If the effects are the same then they should be the same? But it isn’t, it is all contradicting. Why should we follow astrology when no one knows where it is going?

Where is astrology consistent at all?

5 thoughts on “Can astrology be disproved because of it’s contradictions?

  1. Interesting theory, but the bible contradicts itself and yet we astrology buffs don’t need to attack it. I am sure all religious texts of any age and length have issues of inconsistency, but so what? Do all priests or ministers, or preachers, or nuns, or etc. interpret the same biblical line the same exact way? No. Point made…have a nice day. Don’t look for me in religious questions, as I don’t feel the need to go and stir up discontent or hatred in other areas. I respect peoples’ rights to their own beliefs.

  2. Where is Religion consistent at all? A big boy in the sky…yeah that makes sense.

    But you see, the stars, the constellations, the galaxy’s…they’re ALL there! It’s actually fascinating if you think about it…the circle of life..everything is related to another, why leave out space, too? I think it makes sense, that we are somehow in correlation with the stars. I mean, why wouldn’t we be?

    Sure it has contradictions, because man’s not perfect, and none of our discoveries will be either.

  3. Life is full of condradictions man. I’m just trying to live it to the fullest before I die.

  4. I think I agree with the guy above me. Life is full of contradictions and exceptions to the rule. Even if you’re looking at the Periodic Table of Elements, not all the elements react in the way that they are supposed to based upon their grouping. Not even nature is consistent.

    And people ARE contradictions. Or at least most people are.

  5. The belief is contradicting but this is fortune telling not religion. Not even in the same ballpark. No one prays to anything of astrology. The is no god of astrology (except time) though if you believe a higher power created the solar system for the purpose of guiding humans in there life. Intelligent design this is called.

    Also live astrologers are assumed to be psychics. Computer programs are assumed that everything is set in stone, thus factual. But since no two are the same, belief in any of these is too risky. Non belief of astrology and living in the present is the most logical.

    I’m an atheist (or maybe free thinker is a label). The contradictions of the bible make it more than likely a book of man rather of a god.

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