How is a horoscope cast according to vedic astrology?

I am new to astrology ,I want to know how horoscopes are cast and how does one know which planets are to be placed in which house. What are dashas and antardashas? Are dashas good or bad? How come by just looking at the chart an astrologer can give predictions?only serious ans please

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  1. You can cast horoscope by any software. you cab get “Logan” and “Normans”, all “Dasha’s” by software. But be careful you can’t predict future only by seeing Dasha’s and planets. you need to know names of all planets, rash is and jackstraws. After wards, which plant is in which rash and in which ‘house’, how much is its strengths and by which angle is seeing other houses. friendship and contradictions between planets and trash’s.You need to know the relation of various characters, events, body parts related to various houses of a horoscope. These are basics I think you refer a good book on astrology from market.
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  2. Astrofreak,

    I’ve studied both Eastern(Vedic) and Western (Tropical) astrology for about twenty years. The best way to cast charts is to use software unless you are really into some heavy duty math.

    Vedic astrology is excellent for prediction of health, career and relationships. Western astrology is more psychologically oriented and gets more into the motives and values of the soul though, of course, both share the premise that the birth chart reflects one’s karma from previous births.

    Vimsottari Dasa system is one method of prediction that gives certain lengths of time to each planet. These period lengths are divided into proportionally smaller intervals for predictions of a shorter-term nature. Whether a dasa or antardasha is good or bad is a function of many things.

    For example, if you are running a Jupiter dasa and Mercury antardasha a jyotishi (Vedic Astrologer) would consider your rising sign, the benefic/malefic nature of Jupiter and Mercury, their placement in various houses and signs, the aspects and/or conjunctions to each planet, and influences to the houses they own. This is “synthesized” into a prediction of how the period will be for the person.

    The Dasa system gives the general trends in life while transit influences give the significant events.

    In my opinion, the Systems Approach to Vedic Astrology is the best; particularly for someone who is new to astrology. It simplifies many of the contradictions and with some learning you can quickly understand things.

    There is a Yahoo! Group called SATVA101 ( ) to which you can subscribe ( ) and you can learn all about Systems Approach here:

    From this site, you will find a link to a freeware program to allow you to cast your horoscope in the Vedic style.

    If you email me your birth data (exact time, place and location) I will cast a chart and provide a general reading if you are interested.



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