2 thoughts on “What does the tao te ching mean?

  1. It was written during the period of the warring states in China, it can be read from a philosophical, political or warring point of view. It basically suggests a way of living that is in harmony with nature, and the best way to live,govern or fight a war. It encompasses all three because of the period it was written and those responsible did not wish to draw too much attention to themselves, although the book is accredited to Lao Tzu the author of the Tao Te Ching, it is argued by historians whether he was actually the author or one of several authors.

    some lectures on the Tao Te Ching on youtube


  2. It’s basically about harmony in life. Going with the flow rather than fighting your way through. It shows the way to do that. Tao means “the way.” It’s the way to find inner peace.


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