What flowers/plants/herbs are best to plant outside in Texas?

I live in Jefferson County, Southeast Texas. I’ve got a very sad porch and want to plant some plants/flowers/herbs outside in pots. Which ones are best for this climate?

2 thoughts on “What flowers/plants/herbs are best to plant outside in Texas?

  1. you can plant just about anything you want, especially if you are placing them in pots…check with your local nurseries for a best answer…if you like gardenia smell, that is definitely one, but you will have to battle the white flies.

  2. What plants prosper where, and in what soil, is a topic you need to address with someone trained in this stuff. The US Department of Agriculture has maps with lines on them, dividing the US into zones (I think there are 20 zones. Follow the link below. And this temperature hardiness zone map doesn’t even consider your average rainfall, or the type of soil in your area.

    A good book written by a Texan for Texans is Neil Sperry’s Complete Guide to Texas Gardening.

    The simplest way is to go to your local garden center, find someone who appears to know his/her stuff, and ask what plants prosper locally.

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