What is Madagascan Vintana ?

I read somewhere that like feng shui, Vaastu Shastra and British Geomancy there is a home making science in Madagascer called Vintana.

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  1. Nigel Pennick wrote a book explaining it.

    He says

    “The aim of Earth Harmony is the intergration of inevitably human activities with the natural environment and the flow of events. Feng-shui is probably the best-known tradition observing Earth Harmony, however there are others including the Burmese Yattara, Hindu Vastuvidya, Madagascan Vintana and the European system of Location. In pre-industrial Europe, local and national systems of Earth Harmony existed everywhere, part of everyday life. This harmonious craft brings the place and person in perfect tune with one another, with the consequent reduction in bad influences and the enhancement of the beneficial character of the site.

    To create true harmony, every building and feature on the landscapes, natural and artificial, has to occupy the position appropriate to its direction, performing the appropiate action at the proper time is to be both ceremonially correct and practically efficent. Earth Harmony is no less than harmonisation with the whole universe.”

  2. Vintana is a Madagascan red wine made with a blend of merlot, carbernet & scuppernong grapes.

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