dowsing makes you dead tired?

I tried to dowse for harmful geophatic lines but I just became extremely tired after a few minutes.Does dowsing makes you extremely tired too? It’s like it virtually sucks energy out of you? Why is it so? What do you know about it? Thanks.

2 thoughts on “dowsing makes you dead tired?

  1. Odd place for this question…Anyways, I can’t drowse for periods because it ruins my sleep pattern at night.

  2. Dowsing for harmful or negative energy lines without experience can not only make you tired but also ill if you are not careful.

    Experienced dowsers of such negative energy will have protected themselves in much the same way as therapists do before they come face to face with someone with a health problem. Some will say a prayer, some will imagine themselves being surrounded by a white or gold cloud so they are cocooned and other methods.

    I would not recommend dowsing for such energy lines without experience or unless accompanied by an experienced dowser.

    Generally though dowsing for long periods will make you feel tired.

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