Scrying Mirror Question?

I just finished using a scrying mirror and saw the following images and need Wiccans and Pagans help for understand the messages:
1. Owl
2. Full moon and a broom
3. Number 8
4. Saturn (planet)
5. Color Red
6. Key
7. Door Open

I also saw a Young woman with long hair and the end. However, I kept seeing the Owl over and over between images.

Just wanted to get some insight 🙂

Blessed Be!

2 thoughts on “Scrying Mirror Question?

  1. MM Cookie There are too many generalizations out there for anyone else to understand your scrying session. The first two for example might mean that it would be wise (owl) to perform a cleansing ritual on Friday the 18th. (full moon and broom). What it all comes down to is how your images relate to you personally. Start keeping a journal and write down the things you see and how those images fit in to your reason for scrying in the first place. In time you’ll begin to notice repetitions and patterns. Then it’ll make much more sense to you. Hope this helps.

  2. Now I am not a Wiccan, Don;t follow three fold rule but i do know a thing or two about scrying

    1. owls are traditonaly known as watchers they see all and hear all, you need to focus on the deeper meanin of every image afterwords and how it can apply to your life and past lives.

    2. full moon and a broom, full moon itself represents a bountiful goddess, or a mirror but with the broom it changes all together, guessing your having a toiling life or you did have one due to the serveitude of the broom that means discipline

    3. turn it to the side its infinity or in numerology it is the life path of a warrior, ill leave that to you to decide

    4.(ah the heavenly bodies :D) Astrologically Saturn is associated with the principles of limitation, restrictions, boundaries, practicality and reality, crystallizing and structures. Saturn governs ambition, career, authority and hierarchy, and conforming social structures. It concerns a person’s sense of duty, discipline and responsibility, and their physical and emotional endurance during hardships- taken from wiki plain and simple

    5. red is a stimulating color, freud would have a lot to say on the idea you may livei n a time of overstimualtion it is also the color associated with puberty and change maybe you are changing and growing some how.

    6. Keys unlock doors six and seven are connected in the sense that if u look closer to urself u can see what it is ur trying to accomplish and how the rest of ur questions can realte to that issue or choice in yourlife. because i do not kno what made you scry i cant gvie u an acurate reading only a vague idea..

    woman with hair that will depend on what u relate it to all the rest

    Hey goodluck

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