Why do many people who believe in astrology forget this?

Almost all the time, I see people who study astrology get so engrossed in it that they forget that a person can get along with anybody regardless of their sign, & all it takes is treating everyone with respect & being smart about what you say and do. I see people instantly write others off once they figure out their sign without getting to know them more, and I can’t believe it.

14 thoughts on “Why do many people who believe in astrology forget this?

  1. I know right? It’s kinda like being racist.

    For example, some people are racist against Black people so they try to avoid them as much as possible.

    And then there are also people who try to avoid Scorpios because they hate them. Isn’t that like being racist too?

  2. Fully, 100% agreed.

    @. : Hopefully Chainlightning will post his opinion about Astro-Bigotry and how Astrology is used as a new bias.

  3. well the thing is that in that matter astrologers are ask what matches well with there SUN SIGN. If you notice thtas just one thing you need to look at that persons birth chart.

    From personal experience i had a friend who was leo and supposly we should make great friends and i always try to respect that person but it just dosent work and then i cheack that persons birth chart and notice that we had nothing in common.

  4. That’s kind of like saying “Why do so many people who believe in hair dye forget that even if you dye your hair brown, you are still really a blonde.”

    You can force yourself to do anything you want to do. That’s free will. You can be a blonde, a brunette, or a redhead in a couple of hours. But you’re still what you are underneath, and that’s what astrology really tells you….what you are underneathe, what you NATURALLY are, not what you force yourself to be.

  5. I definitely agree. I mean, sure I like astrology, but I wouldn’t go so far as to avoid people with signs that astrology says I can’t relate to. That’s ridiculous! No one should resort to when someone was born to find out whether they like them or not.

  6. Actually ‘Queen of Coins’ I doubt Astrology really tells you what you naturally are. If astrology says gives me all these traits that I don’t relate with, then I’m denying what I naturally truly am?

    I agree with you.

  7. So very true and last time I wrote my opinion on this, my answer got reported and deleted. They can’t even handle the truth.

  8. More people need to learn how to be critical thinkers. To really question things that have no evidence, logic, and reason. The hard core believers can’t be swayed. Won’t even try. They have never been targets for my answers.

  9. i just wanted to say this is a good question

    the way i function is that i state the facts, no one can change that,

    i relate to whoever felt the same connections i have with other signs

    i admit the truth,

    & to astrology about relating signs to people cause i wanna know all i can to be a better man than i was with the love of my life, and to be honest i’ve learned a lot by it =) it has saved me actually many times <3 made the best of me to be honest i wouldn't have learned the truth about me and the love of my life if i didn't turn to astrology, i'm just saying

  10. actually this ? is a hard sl*p of reality on the faces of OCD cases such as q**** of pennies to stop it! now but its an OCD so sad
    and actually this astrology is best for the worst people of society who do not believe in God but pseudo astrology is their faith that’s why they are 24/7 in here, trying to promote that they are the masters of human destiny they know everything thru a birthchart nd believe that they are God they know a human better than a God they are better Judge omg their sign is the best and all other ppl ****s in demons *** actually they are naturally ill willed psychos and have deepest level of superiority complex they believe in evry evil thing that ditches other humans and make them more superior to others thats why they are nothing except this horrorscopic section
    Maybe they dont believe in GOD and themselves and thats why they rely on astrology as an anti ocd capsule which gives them a temporary relief from OCD.

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