15 thoughts on “Why do you (Pagans) think Christians burned Pagan literature and murdered pagans throughout history?

  1. The Romans just took a bunch of pagan myths and made a collection out of them called the bible… then they enforced a false perspective of these myths called Christianity/Catholicism, and for the last 1,600 years the church has tried to murder, silence, and persecute those that really understand these tales.

  2. I am Christian, and I know that Christians murdered Pagans throughout history. Pagans along with anyone else who wasn’t Christian or anyone else who would not conform.

  3. Because, sadly, there were those who did so in the the name of Christ.
    It may have been a betrayal of Him, but it still happened.

  4. lol because they have
    back in the day they had this war where and the Catholics in the roman time did burn all those who didn’t believe in god.haa
    someone need to refresh on history
    but then again as a retaliation they did the same back… like like no one wins… well the catholics did in this case but you now what i mean

  5. Simply a matter of political and economic power.

    Pagans did the same to previous pagans.

    There really isn’t anything religious about it; religion was just the excuse and the tool.

  6. Most of the Christians were converts from Paganism. Jesus said not to kill, so if there was killing, the Pagans brought into the fold are to blame.

    Hard to shake those Pagan roots. It was Pagans that happily bought tickets to view the horrific bloodshed of Christians, Jews, and others for “entertainment” at the Colosseum, after all.

  7. I don’t think the label Christian makes a lot of meaning.Also the word Christian has no meaning,unless one truly follow the Christ and such a person should not kill others for any reason.This is were i disgree with St.Paul who was no saint to me.
    People murder people for a cause that they envision and believe,and that is every sort and condition of people throughout history.Don’t need to play the blame game.Pagans murdered Pagans & burned each others literature as well as anyone.It is evident to be so in history.,

  8. Power, fanaticism, greed, and land envy amongst other reasons. Pagans may have killed pagans in the past as well but it really doesn’t compare to the breath and scope of the death tally and greed that history has recorded on the part of the Christians and the Muslims for that matter. They both are guilty of these crimes and horrific acts.

    They still try to still the voices of pagans and others. Thankfully my ancestors learned the art of hiding their true beliefs and have survived this so far.

  9. Depends on your definition of Pagan – as it is not a homogeneous Culture.

    Winners write the history books and in their effort to maintain dominance will censor the Spiritual/Cultural traditions of the suppressed.


  10. In which region? There were several different Christian movements and philosophies in Europe at any given date and time.

    Over all it was an effort to do away with the pagan culture and institute its own. Christianity is a religion that believes that either one is right or one is wrong. Either one is Christian or one is not. While there are obviously heavy cross cultural exchanges between Christianiy and any given culture, especially Greek, Roman and German, what they could get rid of, they did.

    Which makes what DID survive all the more telling of the cultures. There are several peices that survived, even if they were tweaked by Christian scholars and even haile as masterpieces. Many traditions (most Christmas traditions for example) survived and melded itself into Christianity, morphing it into what Christianity is today.

    Today’s Christianity is barely a whisper of what it orginally was.

  11. Because Paganism was a threat, an alternative route for people to take. Christianity’s mandate for evangelism means that they have a desire to drive out alternatives.

  12. so they could convert pagans to their own beliefs without having actual evidence that what we believed is wrong? ok maybe not exactly. they didn’t want any way for pagans to be able to fall into the past. they didnt want to lose converted christians to sad converts past religions. either that or they had the same italian mindset when all the art/writing/beauty was burned in order to keep peoples minds on Christianity.

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