What are some things about a person that can NOT be determined by Astrology?

There seem to be a lot of “this person is attractive because they are a ____” or “this person is good with children because they are a _____” type of questions on here.

I believe in Astrology for personality traits, and most of you here do too. But what is taking it TOO far?

11 thoughts on “What are some things about a person that can NOT be determined by Astrology?

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  2. What cannot truly be determined in astrology is the individual person they are… Astrology is fun but when it comes down to it… Everyone is their own unique self.

  3. I don’t really think you can determine looks or your future through astrology. Astrology has nothing to do with genetics, and the future’s always changing, so it’s hard to pin point it. Do I think it’s possible? Sure, but I don’t believe that you can tell your exact future based on your sign.

  4. I believe that Astrology is only for your personality. Your future is taking it too far. Only god can decide your future. Also your physical appearance is a LITTLE too far. That’s more genetic, you know? I think of Astrology as a mere hobby 🙂

  5. Great question 🙂

    Some Astrology traits I find pretty accurate, but only when you get enough combinations to form a clear picture.
    I don’t believe appearance, personality, sexual-bloody-ability, “hotness”, etc can be judged on someones sun sign; this seems simplistic to me and bordering on downright discrimination.

  6. I don’t believe astrology can determine somebodies future. I’m sure not every Sagitarius is going to “have a financial crisis” hypothetically speaking, on the same day, ect.

    Personality traits and compatibility have been proven true to me personally. Just look at the sun, moon, & Venus signs of your three closest friends. Garuntee you will be astrologically compatible with them!!

  7. The future – Marriage, Death, Jobs

    Looks. Only Genetics do that. If people ask for the rising sign, the rising sign represents “HOW” the world sees you, how you represent yourself to the world. Personality wise. Not looks.

    Also your opinions, every one has different thoughts.
    “What does this Aquarius guy think of me?”

    Music LOL example: “What kind of music do water signs listen to”

    Also another question I saw earlier
    “Which sign like sea food more, Cancer or Pisces?”

    No one can say its because of your sign you dont like this type of food. Lol..

  8. You being compatible with certain sun signs more then others, and personalities. It’s fun to read about though.

  9. Looks.
    Wealth, or how wealthy of a family you were born into.
    Religious and political views. I do not believe all Capricorns are conservative and all Aquarians are liberal. I do not believe all Pisces and Sags are religious.

  10. One thing is certain. It doesn’t predict when there is a need to use the bathroom. (joking).

  11. The saying is “the starts impel, they do not compel”

    In other words, the chart only shows tendencies and inclinations. And what it shows is a need … HOW that need is acted on is up to the person. The more self-aware an individual is, they less they are “ruled” by their chart. Therefore, just about anything is up for grabs in the “not determined by astrology” category, if the person is up to the task.

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