What can I do to be more open to nature. I want to deepen my spirituality and be open to spirits to understan

How can I be able to better recieve messages from nature spirits? I want to open and expand my conscience awareness.

I want to become deeper in my spirituality.

6 thoughts on “What can I do to be more open to nature. I want to deepen my spirituality and be open to spirits to understan

  1. I would recommend that you go outside and look at the clouds. Smell flowers. Laugh too much. Accept the fact that everyone and everything is beautiful in it’s own way. Listen to classical music and let the music become a part of you. Music is a great way…especially classic, because it has no words…it’s just the instruments. Music is the language everuone can understand. Also go outside and look at the sunset, it makes you wise. Also, when you dream , listen to them and apply them to your life , they can mean something. Also remember to meditate….best of luck love ya.

  2. REALLY? Me too. Stop eating any sugars, that means artificial sweeteners too.

    Put a little mint plant in your room, open your window, and don’t kill so many bugs. Nature is such a beautiful thing… but so many people overlook it. I am glad that you are trying to expand your horizons, and I congratulate you.

  3. Finally, a question right up my alley, meditation is the key. Find you a place out in nature where you can meditate, someplace you won’t be disturbed. Sit out there and meditate and all you have to do is listen. I don’t mean just listen for voices, listen to everything. Nature has a more subtle way of communicating.

    Give this a try and let me know? It might take more than one try, so be patient.

    You can contact me thru my profile.

  4. I agree with the druid.

    You might want to check out books about shamanism. It could help you get in touch with your spirit guides.

    Good luck!!!!

  5. Hurray such a wonderful question and so many helpful answers. I am only adding to what these awesome people are saying. No more chocolate or caffeine. This will clear your mind of those chemicals that alter your mind and body. Study, Study,Study and read outside too. This will clear your mind and bring this wonderful world your looking for closer. Sweet Blessing to you ; )

  6. Your desire to deepen your spirituality is something that more and more are coming to want. Many people are feel that there is nothing fulfilling in this world and something is missing in their lives, but they cannot put their finger on it.
    The trouble is, there are all kinds of different schools, gurus, and religions that purport to have the path to spirituality or some sales pitch where they can promise you the world to come (after you die). Many people (myself included) are attracted to several spiritual paths and self-help methods. I tried meditation but it went against my nature, and was only a psychological “fix”. I was still left with emptiness.

    I finally came to the authentic wisdom of Kabbalah, and feel that I have found the answers to what I was searching for. According to the sages of this wisdom, we are in a system of forces that work on us without our knowledge. There is a nature that we perceive with our 5 senses, in addition there is a nature that is concealed from us because we lack the proper sense organs. It is like gravity, we know it exists because we see the consequences of it, but we cannot see, touch, taste or smell it.
    Through the study of authentic Kabbalistic texts, you can eventually begin to perceive or deepen your awareness of the forces that operate reality. Not to mention have unbounded pleasure, knowledge and the sensation of eternity, but don’t take my word for it.
    If you are interested in learning more, here is a short clip on the 6th Sense:

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