4 thoughts on “Has anyone ever used dowsing rods and found a good source of water?

  1. just start digging, doesn’t matter where – you will find the water.

    Put some gravel and sand at bottom of the well, and water will be clear.

  2. Because water is underground, which is down, the rods work pretty well. Because they point down and that is where the water is. Water is pretty much under our feet all the time.

    No one after finding water drills another series of holes to test the dowsing rod so there is no objective evidence that it works.

    The underground geology would have to be pretty complex before it matters within 100 feet where the hole is put.

    But if you can find a dowser you should use him. He can probably set you up with a honest drill outfit. They have a reputation to think about. When it works it’s the guy and not the rod. I’ve heard that before somewhere.

    Use a Hydrologist!

  3. It would be much more surprising if someone used a dowsing rod and *didn’t* find water. Ever heard of the water table? If you dig deep enough, you can find water just about anywhere.

    Dowsing doesn’t detect water anyway, it works by the ideomotor effect. Scientific testing has repeatedly shown that dowsing rods don’t help you find water any better than random chance. One way to test this is by preparing several containers, only one of which contains water, and then asking a dowser to figure out which container has water. Invariably, the dowser fails to perform any better than random chance would predict.

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