Quantum Factor with filmmaker, William Arntz -What The Bleep

An intriguing interview with the producer, director of the award-winning movie, What The Bleep Do We Know? In this episode, William Arntz discusses the ways in which new ideas in science and quantum physics, and many long-held beliefs behind spirituality and religion are now merging, and how that converging of new science with age-old beliefs, would inspire producer, director, William Arntz to co-create the films,”What The Bleep Do We Know!? and “What The Bleep!? Down The Rabbit Hole.” This episode, with host Alison Hill, first aired on PBS affiliate KBDI-Channel 12, Denver, Colorado 2006 / LostArtsProductions.com

25 thoughts on “Quantum Factor with filmmaker, William Arntz -What The Bleep

  1. The program is great, guests really interesting just the interviewer really disturbing ;p

  2. great info, but my buddha the interviewer needs to have a few more classes in interviewing.

  3. Alright the movie is awesome!!! So here it is: Combine ~What the bleep…~ with ~The law of attraction~(Esther Hicks) plus maybe the activating of the 12-strand-DNA. After focused practical understanding and becoming of that its just `WOW`!!!

  4. re: investment in experiments… That seems like rather a longer term, higher risk investment than the kind I prefer.

    You see, “truth” is quite beyond the remit of my investment, because it’s not something markets respond to in a meaningful way. Markets respond to [i]buyers[/i].

    Just ask Dr. Masaru Emoto.

  5. re: tree falling… The fallacy here is that the receiver needs to be human. Wherever there are trees, there is life equipped to detect sound. Maybe even other trees themselves, even if their particular range of response might be limited.

    The butterfly effect takes care of the rest. Anyway, I don’t think it’s meant to be taken literally.

  6. That was a great interview. Thanks for posting it! I’ll have to check out Quantum Factor…

  7. I love people that take risks and are willing to step outside the box.
    The movie has created lots of ripples in this boxed-in culture and has expanded many minds.
    Thank-you! Thank-you! It’s a breath of fresh air.

  8. If you know the tree fell… and you know that sound is vibrations in the air, a falling tree has to make vibrations as it falls, so we know that yes if it did fall it made a sound. however the defintion of sound scientifically, requires an emitter, medium, and a receiver and in this case if there is no one there to hear the sound you do not have a receiver so then by definition you have no sound.

  9. If you really are considering investment, invest in the experiments first… Too many manipulators jump on these subjects and ruin the respectable science behind them. Documented “progressive” experiments are the backbone of truth to these sensitive areas of (practically) unexplored science.

  10. On paper, these don’t look like very profitable products and services, but you can’t argue with sales figures. The market for this stuff is much bigger than anyone anticipated. How do I become an investor?

  11. haha i know what he means about the people who want people to feel bad for them .. i knew people like that lol haha

  12. TheSmoonge, it depends what you call ‘mind’. your mind doesn’t really die, according to common definitions, it’s like conciousness. your brain dies.

  13. tinuitsancco, nothing would exist if it wasn’t for your mind? WRONG. If my mind was gone reality would still exist; you would still keep going and would exist; existence is not determined by whether or not I perceive it.

  14. but doesn’t quantum physics show us, how we and our logic is full of prejudices, and we want to stay in and save these prejudices about our world….

  15. Doesn’t quantum physics prove the existance of the collective consciousness and the 100th monkey phenomenon? Couldn’t this be the key to the answer of the “big picture” that we all have been seeking?

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