Where can I get started in aromatherapy/essential oils?

I have a few basic oils, but I’m not quite sure how to get started with aromatherapy. I’d also like a source from which to purchase more oils and supplies. If anyone knows, that would be great! Thanks.

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  1. o0o0o I have one
    need to find it… very pure, high quality EOs

    email me to remind me (i am forgetfull) and I will look for it 🙂

  2. A good website is http://www.fruitfulyield.com

    stock up on jojoba oil (as a carrier oil). Peppermint oil and lavender oil are good basic essential oils, make sure they are 100 pure. They can be used together for a great headache/ stress remedy, mix 20 drops lavender and 15 drops peppermint with 1/2 oz of jojoba oil, keep in a dark glass bottle. Go to a library, they have tons of books and formulas.

  3. I recognize that place you are at, I’ve heard that before. There are so many oils out there, they all do something, but what?? And how??

    There are lots of books published on the use of essential oils. I think they tend to fall into a few categories. The ‘pretty’ books that really don’t have a lot of information on just how to use the oils. The books that guide the user with lots of recipes and ideas and give confidence. And the books that are medical/chemistry based and can be intimidating to the new user. I suggest browsing the books at a bookstore or library before you start building your library. Books by Rose, Edwards, Greene and Keville are good places to start.

    There are a seemingly unlimited number of websites that you can purchase essential oils from. Oils can be purchased at health food stores, high end grocery stores and multi-level marketers. It is important that you trust your supplier. You should be able to get lots of questions answered. What chemotype is it? What is the botanical name? Where was the plant grown? Was it conventionally grown? Where was it distilled? Where and how has the oil been stored since distillation? Your supplier should be available to you for guidance and advice as well.

  4. Getting into aromatherapy is great but if you really want to learn i would take a class on it im taking it as well i have 2 yrs left that is if you want the degree…. some of the oils you have to be very careful cause some can be toxic you should know all the contraindications about that…. always have the latin name correct and make sure it is the right latin name cause even tho it can say lavender oil if it doesnt have the latin name dont get it they should always have it , i know lavender oil has about 3 different latin names cause there are different ones so definately pick the right latin name…. so as you can see its difficult cause you really must be careful when choosing oils and even making things but if you want to take a class go to achs.edu its online and very thorough. good luck!

  5. An excellent book for beginners is:

    The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Essential Oils

    Author: Julia Lawless

    Illustrated throughout in full color, this indispensable reference work is a complete A-to-Z compendium of aromatics, with extensive information about the origins, properties, uses, and actions of 165 extensive herbs and essential oils. Over 600 photos & illustrations.

    This book has all the foundational information you will need.

  6. Not sure where you are but here are a few companies I know of, but if you google you can find many more.


    They are all said to be very good suppliers of aromatherapy oils etc.

    You can also get a wide range from eBay

    Always be very careful when using any essential oil because they could be toxic, photoxicity, a sensitisation or an irritation. Some oils should not be used during pregnancy or for some illness i.e epilepsy. Used wisely and correctly they can help heal (not cure) a lot of different things. So training is essential, you will study all that and how much oil to use for the young, the old and those who are pregnant, and much more.

    Hope that helps you.

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