12 thoughts on “Are there any books or websites that tell exactly what the Wicca religion is?

  1. Try http://wicca.timerift.net .
    I’m not affiliated with that website, but I whole-heartedly recommend it. The book recommendations there are decent, too.
    Which books are most appropriate for understanding, however, depends on your tradition and the direction of your interests. What might be a “good beginner book” for one could be a “grossly overgeneralizing piece of tripe” for another.

  2. well of course. plenty. fore example: Wicca: A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner

  3. In addition to Labgrrl’s answer which recommends a good starting point for learning more about Wicca, I would like to say that NO one book or website can tell you *exactly* what any religion is all about – a religion, while shared by many followers, is also a personal spiritual journey and no two people walk the same exact path in life. Your life experiences will differ from mine, your feelings and thoughts may differ from mine, what Wicca would mean to you may not match exactly with what Wicca means to me, etc. Wicca is a highly experiential path.

  4. Wicca has many traditions, and most traditions have several variations, so there is no one book that tells exactly what Wicca is, any more than there is one Church that that can tell you exactly what Christianity is. There are simply too many variations.
    For a GOOD overview, start with Cunningham’s “Wicca: A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner”, Alder’s “Drawing Down the Moon”, AND Buckland’s “Complete Book of Witchcraft”. Each of them should be able to direct you to several other books on more specific topics.

    In the meantime, start writing your own thoughts, ideas and reactions down. What Wicca is exactly will depend a great deal on how you see it. The most important thing is to not become so set in the first thing you read that you can’t adjust later if something that resonates better with you comes along later. Wicca is a living, growing, personal experience. Make it yours!

    Blessed Be

  5. I also fully back wicca.timerift.net.

    No “pop-Wicca for teeny-boppers” or superstitious ramblings. It offers very clear explanations and brings up good points, very well thought out.

  6. Mderry Meet,

    There are some great answers here. One book I would tell you to look into isn’t very well known, but it does give you a good oversight and some fine examples and testimonies on living the Wiccan path and in essence, what we are about in general terms is: “Witches. True Encounters With Wicca, Wizards, Covens, Cults and Magick” by Hans Holzer. As has been stated, there is no one “best” book or website on the subject. It is simply too broad a subject and with many, many variables, and this book is just one more example of the many that are out there.

    Another thing I would suggest is to do some research on the writers of the book. There is a lot of garbage out there by those who are self-proclaimed Wiccan priests/priestesses, and some of the information can actually guide you wrong or even be harmful. So be safe when looking into ANY info on the subject. The old addage “It’s better to be safe than sorry” certainly applies here as it does anywhere.

    As a practicing Wiccan for over 20 years, I have seen and read many things, some are very good, and some are just plain bunk. One of the best ways to learn, is to find a local Wiccan, a local coven (which may be willing to share info), or simply contact a local metaphysical shop. There is great info available, but a little research can go a long way.

    Goddess Bless

  7. Merry Meet,

    If you are interested about learning more about Wicca and/or Witchcraft here are a few legitimate sources to glean knowledge from. First being Witchvox at http://www.witchvox.com/. Here you will gain knowledge through fellowship with other of like mind and knowledge through the countless articles posted. If this is not enough one could look into getting online training through the Sacred Mists at http://www.sacredmists.com/, and Witch School at http://www.witchschool.com/, or OZ Wicca at http://www.ozwicca.com/, both are pretty decent for learning the Craft on the Web though like any site they have some issues. Also if you are close enough to an active group that specializes in education and development like the SCWF try and join them even if it’s on a limited capacity.

    If DVD’s are to your liking try Witchcraft Rebirth of the Old Religion by Raymond Buckland (DVD), Discovering Witchcraft by Janet and Stewart Farrar (DVD), Ancient Mysteries Witches by A&E (DVD), Craftwise Volume 1: Candle Magick by Peter Paddon (DVD), Craftwise Volume 2: Cord Magick by Peter Paddon (DVD), Wish on a Spell, Vo. 1 by Deborah Gray (DVD), Practical Magick DVD, The Craft (DVD).

    If books are what you’re interested in I also suggest that you get your hands on Wicca for Beginners by Thea Sabin and/or The Circle Within by Dianne Sylvan. Both of these books are very good reading and both will give you some deeper insight to the Craft and how it relates to you. Also you cannot go wrong with anything by Scott Cunningham.

    If you are a teen, Elements of Witchcraft: Natural Magick for Teens by Ellen Dugan, and Teen Witch by Silver Ravenwolf is also good. But neither is completely accurate, but they will help you out. Also check out http://www.teenwitch.com/ for more information, it’s a pretty good site for base information.

    Study as much as you need to before deciding that you are Wiccan. Find those near you who are reputable and knowledgeable. Also stay away from those who are playing Wicca if you are serious about the religion and the craft, they will only slow you down and/or mislead you. Also, read all the books you can the good ones as well as the bad ones. Ultimately, study, study and then study some more. Find all you can and definitely cross reference whenever possible, this way you can get the best out of all you learn.

    Remember, you are the one that decides who’s a good or bad author not someone else because every author in my belief has something to offer, all you have to do is ignore the information that is not accurate and/or wrong. Oh and when the opportunity raises cross reference the information learned for accuracy.

    I hope my blurp helps out.

    Blessed Be


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  8. The world is changing and crisis grips the nations: economic uncertainty, wars, the threat of terrorism… where can we find hope in these uncertain times? As distressing as it seems, there is a crisis even more urgent: the fact that death awaits us all. When we die, we will all stand before the Judge of the Universe. How will you do?
    Ever lied, stolen, or looked with lust? Ever taken God’s name in vain or failed to put Him first? If you have broken even one of these laws, God sees you as a lawbreaker. Picture yourself in a courtroom guilty of many serious crimes. The Judge’s sentence is: A million dollar fine, or life in prison. You are unable to pay the fine, so the guard begins to lead you away. Suddenly, someone you don’t even know steps in and pays your fine in full. That means you are free to go! That is what Jesus did for you 2000 years ago. He took your punishment upon himself by taking God’s wrath on the cross. Then he rose from the grave, defeating death.
    Repent (turn from sin) and put your trust in Jesus Christ to save you. God will grant you eternal life. Don’t wait until tomorrow… You may not have another day.

  9. In Wicca, there is no Holy Book, no written doctrine, no divine law. The only two ‘laws’ that are traditionally Wiccan, and are considered to be those ideals by which we try to live, are : 1. An it harm none, do what thou wilt. 2. What thou wilt do, will come back three times. What this means, pure and simple, is that there are no “sins,” such as sexual do’s and don’ts, profanity, etc., AS LONG AS YOU STRIVE FOR AND AS MUCH AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE, ATTEMPT TO BRING HARM ON NO ONE!!! Ironically, the Church of Satan professes the same beliefs. In fact, one of the leading members of the Church of Satan alleged that America is an absolute “Satanic nation” because of the extent of our freedoms. Nowhere in the world can people get away with as much as Americans do. Church of Satanists define Satanism as being able to do anything a person wants to do (just so long as no one is getting hurt). The Church of Satan openly professes their belief and allegiance to Satan. On the other hand, Wiccans deny Satan. Wiccans vehemently deny the existence of a devil. They attribute the term “Satan” as being the sole invention of Christians. Wiccans claim to follow the god of light. Interestingly, “Lucifer” means just that…bearer of light. 2nd Corinthians 11:14 warns us that Satan appears as the “light.” Howbeit, BOTH Wiccans and Satanists profess the same lack of absolutes within their religions. The Word of God is a Book of ABSOLUTES! God is absolute and unchangeable (Malachi 3:6). Wiccans are greatly angered over the FACT that the Word of God is absolute, whereas they have no absolutes! The Bible is our FINAL AUTHORITY! The Biblical concepts of sin, evil, wickedness, judgment, and redemption are NOT recognized by the Wiccan religion. Wiccans profess belief in “Karma” (the effects of a person’s actions that determine his destiny in his next incarnation). Wiccans believe in reincarnation. I recently received an e-mail from an angry Wiccan woman (a witch). She bomblasted me for saying that Wiccans don’t have a means of forgiveness within their religion. She specified that she believed in the “karma,” that the life she lives here on earth will determine her happiness in her reincarnated body. She said I had no right to make a moral judgment upon her religion. The problem is that Wiccans don’t see their wrong doing as “sin.” In fact, Wicca is perfectly acceptant of many practices which the Word of God declares an “abomination unto God.” One such evil practice is homosexuality. Occult doctrines such as Yin-Yang are extremely popular with the homosexual community because of the fact that there are NO absolutes. The TRUTH is that there is no way for Wiccans to deal with sin…because they don’t acknowledge their sins as being sinful in the first place. Since the Witches don’t believe in sin, their entire moral conscience is obliterated (and their minds corrupted). The result is that many sinful activities which are condemned in God’s Word are openly practiced by witches…such as sexual immorality during their occult rituals… We conceive of the Creative Power in the Universe as manifesting through polarity – as masculine and feminine – and that this same creative Power lives in all people, and functions through interaction of the masculine and feminine. We value neither above the other, knowing each to be supportive of the other. We value sexuality as pleasure, as the symbol and embodiment of Life, and as one of the sources of energies used in magickal practice and religious worship. -Principles of Wiccan Belief, Article IV (1974) The Word of God presents us with the law, which condemns us, and then points us to Christ for salvation (Galatians 3:24, “Wherefore the law was our schoolmaster to bring us unto Christ, that we might be justified by faith”). Since the Wiccans don’t recognize God’s law (and have no written law of there own), they have no yardstick by which to measure themselves. How does a witch recognize sin without the measuring stick of God’s law? They cannot! So for a witch to tell me that she is morally obligated to live right for the sake of Karma (her future reincarnate life) is no morality at all. As I mentioned earlier, Wiccans are openly acceptant of sexual sins which are Biblically prohibited. You can’t just decide for yourself what is right and wrong. The whole reason why God gave us the Old Testament Law was to give us the KNOWLEDGE OF SIN (Romans 3:20, “Therefore by the deeds of the law there shall no flesh be justified in his sight: for by the law is the knowledge of sin”). The Apostle Paul said in Romans 7:13 that the Law made his sins EXCEEDING SINFUL! Wiccans have no knowledge of sin because they deliberately reject Christ and His Eternal Word. Some Wiccans accuse Christians of trying to “scare” people with the Bible. The truth is that the Word of God is an extremely frightening Book to those who would dare reject and disobey it’s COMMANDS. Acts 17:30 reads , “…but now commandeth all men every where to rep

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