Bagua Mastery Program – The I-Ching and Change

This clip is about the nature of bagua stepping and was taken from the Bagua Mastery Program made by Bruce Frantzis. To find out more about the program and receive a free exclusive video go here now:

5 thoughts on “Bagua Mastery Program – The I-Ching and Change

  1. This is an excellent explanation of the philosophy of bagua stepping and movement. I have to say, he is absolutely correct in emphasising the stillness of the mind in the midst of bagua motion, something that is wonderful to experience and highly edifying when transposed to a day-to-day life skill. He deeply understands how bagua can be used to train your mind to let things go and adapt as painlessly as possible to vicissitudes: well done, a great talk!

  2. @EnergyArtsVideos – hey man, this is for Bruce, I just wanted to let ya know that I read your book in jail “Opening The Energy Gates of Your Body” … I practiced your meditations every day for six months with the focus on overcoming my addiction. I’ve been out of jail for over a year and have no desire whatsoever to go back to the needle. So, thanks for that start in the right direction. Since then I’ve been training every day and have completely changed who I am. Again, thnx for the book.

  3. A few people I know have problems with his delivery.
    I find it refreshing – and absolutely authentic.

  4. Interesting point about how people get stuck in life and cannot change. Always a pleasure to listen to Bruce and read his material

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