3 thoughts on “how is dowsing used to find underground water?

  1. Basically, it is elieved that you can find water, or even gems by pounding the Earth with a “L” shaped rod.

  2. statistically it will not,
    some individual people have a very good record of it.
    I think it works by taping into your subconscious, it can pick up on clues of water that you can’t, like where trees are growing and how the land flows. your subconscious has amazing power, all you need is a way to ask it what you want, and dowsing is one of the ways to ask it.

  3. Dowsing is a searching tool that has been used for thousands of years by those who have tried, with the help of a Y shaped rod, to locate underground water, ore bodies, oil and other important resources. Dowsing is subjective by nature. Its success depends on the qualities developed by the dowsers themselves, who sense, via a mind-body link, the presence of underground structures.

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