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  1. There are some remedy’s but your question is too broad go on a vitamins site.
    Try puritan pride.com or order a free catalog within weeks you will get many catalogs for free in the mail that may offer advice. Hope this helps.
    I have never heard of one in particular or it would be well known.

  2. Poisons act in 4 main ways: by ingestion, inhalation, injection, or absorption. There is no one treatment of any kind that cures most poisons. The closest thing to a universal antidote we have for ingested poisons is activated charcoal, which absorbs the poison and removes it from the intestinal tract. It is a very unpleasant treatment. In the Middle East, people historically ground stomach calculi from goats and some other animals and used that to absorb the poison. It was apparently fairly effective. Many years ago, first aid books recommended milk, or milk of magnesia, strong tea, and really burnt toast. The thought was that milk or milk of magnesia would coat the intestinal tract, the tea would neutralize numerous substances, and also stimulate the heart, and the burnt toast would absorb the poison. It was apparently less than successful. There are some specific herbal treatments believed by indigenous peoples to be effective against specific poisonings. I haven’t seen any controlled research on it. The site below lists some of those remedies.

  3. Honestly you are not looking for a cure. You are looking for an antidote. Usually those are made up in labs because they are engineered to counteract the poison directly. Hospitals are known to carry the common ones.

  4. Once you have ingested a poison, it begins to react within your body. There is no herb
    that can counteract that (that
    I know of.)
    One thing that can save
    countless lives due to eating
    or swallowing is to keep
    a bottle of ACTIVATED
    CHARCOAL in your cabinet.
    When you are unsure of
    anything you have ingested,
    take 2 capsules with a full
    glass of water. these will
    absorb any poison in your
    stomach. You MUST HAVE
    these if you have children!!!
    Can be bought at any
    reputable health food store.

  5. Chlorophyll is a detoxifying agent that cleanses your colon but it certainly cannot cure the real poisons.

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