What are some examples of edible medicinal herbs?

As a homework assignment I need a list of six edible medicinal herbs and describe what they are for, what benifits, side effect ect.. Can you list some? Some links where I can research them or see what thier benifits/ side effects are would be great. 10 points for best answer. Thanks

2 thoughts on “What are some examples of edible medicinal herbs?

  1. Ginger – good for upset stomach/digestion
    Cinnamon – good for maintaining a healthy blood sugar
    Cayenne Pepper – good for circulation and cardiovascular health

    There’s thousands of herbs out there that are eaten for benefits (and all of those are referred to as “Medicinal Herbs”, so you’ve got quite a list to work from). You can find a LOT more information to research at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Herbalism
    Looking at that article will also help you for your assignment because you can put them in your own words and don’t need to worry about the teacher thinking you plagiarized any of it 😉

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