what do you think about this poem (kinda dark)?

In the sanctuary of my mind
only sounds the breath of the night
Whispering the sadness within my eyes
Reading my demons and my paths
the ones i buried beneath the lies
For only the one to exorcise this wrath
As my body lingers through the darkness
My soul howls the sorrow to the highest
And the litanies are softly sacrificed and singed
“And where’s the ray of light among the shadows?…”
“the albatross to fly me to the Valhalla in wings of sins?…”
“the revival kiss in this infinite slumber guarded by crows?”
“the cross to exonerate the sinful son of the burden pins?”
“the angel to rape the mortgage of dead flesh and bones?”
Beneath the candle bed of starry gazing light
The only answer sent to the lost poet was the night
the ignorance build in the silence of the tide
“Know that the name of the angel is forbidden
A delusional never ending fight of unforgiven
Wisdom of the silence will never be the answer
for this question we deny an existent answer”

kinda weird,i know,but it just came through my mind..

3 thoughts on “what do you think about this poem (kinda dark)?

  1. This shows real promise. Your use of internal rhyme and alliteration is very good. The subject is silly because it’s not a real person. Put some of you in the next one.

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