21 thoughts on “Can a person do a tarot reading on themselves?

  1. Yes you can. It’s best to really concentrate on the question at hand before doing so and asking the gods if they will assist you. I ask Toth, because he is the god of Wisdom. 😉

  2. yes you can read yourself, but its better if someone else does it 4 yah, as for the cards i got no idea where to buy them, sorry

  3. My parents and I all did individual readings and some of the info was accurate, some not so. I’m not really a believe in tarot cards, but as a writer I like being aware of as much as possible. There might be some hardcore readers that take this stuff more seriously that would disagree. My sis-in-law wouldn’t let anyone else touch her cards. Not sure if she did readings on herself though.

  4. Of course you can read for yourself, how else are you supposed to practice? =]

    Any deck is good, if you can find cards with little cheat sheets on them so you’re not scrambling through a manual all the time, that would be best.

  5. At first I was skeptical when my wife wanted to get into tarot.. I went to the book store and bought many books on the subject and gave them to her as a xmas gift.. Typically she would read one book in about 3 or 4 days.. (fast reader)
    Anyway.. she wanted to read herself.. as i sat and watched her, she followed directions on her “layout” which is used to describe a particular question.. She used a simple layout (the name escapes me) but when she drew the cards and read the book associated with each card.. and depending on her question.. the cards seem to have a mind of their own..but most of what the cards said (according to the book) was true.. I mean its not wise to ask your tarot or pendulums questions about death etc.. Most questions should be a yes or no answer..
    She then read me.. I wasn’t sure what to expect.. but again the lay of the cards seem to be right on target to who I am, and what could happen to me in the not so distant future..
    So to answer you.. and depending on the lay of the cards.. you can read yourself.

  6. Sure there’s nothing wrong with reading for yourself. 🙂 As others have said, you need the practice.

    My first Tarot deck came from the bargain rack at Waldenbooks. LOL It didn’t even have a name for the deck or anything. A lot of people start out with the Rider-Waite deck, but the little booklet that comes with it is very limited, so if you get that deck, you may want to invest in a more detailed “intro to tarot” book.

    Personally I think it’s best to go with a deck with imagery that really speaks to you. Divination relies on your personal symbol set, so some images will speak to you more than others.

  7. Of course! Many readers read for themselves. Some people–especially in the past–suggested people not read for themselves, but in my opinion reading for yourself helps you to learn.

    I suggest the “Rider Tarot Deck” (aka The Rider-Waite deck, aka The Rider-Waite-Smith deck). The version I like the best comes in a yellow box with the Magician on the front. Also, “The Original Rider Waite Tarot Pack” isn’t bad, but again I like the one with The Magician on the cover.

    However, many readers will suggest the Rider-Waite-Smith deck because most books speak of it and if they have pictures they are usually of the Rider deck. When getting a deck though make sure it speaks to you–the artwork. If the Rider-Waite-Smith deck doesn’t speak to you perhaps you shouldn’t get it. But, Mary K. Greer–an advanced Tarot practioner and author–suggests the Rider-Waite-Smith deck for those starting out that can’t decide on a deck for themselves.

    I’ve been reading Tarot for 15+ years and I have numerous decks, but I always go back to the Rider-Waite-Smith deck because I think it gives me the most accurate and clear readings–but that’s personal preference.

    Hope that helps…

  8. Yes you can and when you very first start to learn, it’s a good way to practise. Could I suggest that instead of starting with tarot, (which can be quite complicated until you get some understanding of all the different symbols within the cards,) that you start with angel cards. I find angel cards far easier to work with as they have less within their images for you to decipher. You still can do an exceptionally good reading with them just like you do with tarot and they can help you with exactly the same issues as tarot.
    Whatever you choose, I wish you every success in the future 🙂

  9. There is nothing wrong with reading for yourself, but some find it harder to do. Sometimes your own will can sway the cards. If you are wanting to practice, try doing it for family and friends, and if you are reading for yourself…just keep in mind that it may not be completely accurate. Also, an easy spread to start out with is the three card spread. Just keep practicing and you will find it gets easier and easier…Good Luck!

  10. Hello

    Yes, as long as you can remain objective!

    Rider waite are the most common.


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