Healing Stones Shape of Massage Tool?

I wanted to buy an obsidian rock for my friend who is having psychic attacks, so I bought one. It was shaped like a long stick, one end more wider then the other. I went home, looked at the receipt, and it read Obsidian Massage Tool. Does this change the uses of the stone for psychic needs or anything? It sorta looks something like this. http://www.krystallove.com.au/images/uploads/hematmw.JPG

1 thought on “Healing Stones Shape of Massage Tool?

  1. For the use you describe, the shape is irrelevant. This stone will help just as much as another shape. It is only smoothed and shaped to allow it to glide on the skin during massage. That doesn’t mean that it can’t be used for anything else. Your friend may find that the smoothness is soothing to the mind.

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