2 thoughts on “Hi, anyone had any success getting rid of post herpes neuralgia pain by Homeopathy?

  1. new product on the market.
    look it up http://www.viralox.com here you can find reports.
    there are hundres of report on this.

    It is a virus killer . It is all natural !! There are all kinds of herpes, I had one of those very tender ones on in my nose, small red and very pain full I put some of the viralox on it, several hours the pain was gone in 2 days with only 2 application on it the dang thing was gone. this is a liquid you spray under your tongue or you can wipe on the
    infected arera. Taste good too!!

    Hope this helps
    God bless

  2. I dont know if homeopathy can solve this but an alternative therapy called Pranic healing can.

    Could suggest you more if more details of the illness are available.

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