27 thoughts on “How can I attain spirituality? I have tried Buddhism, A Course In Miracles and Eckart Tolle. Where is Truth?

  1. Might I suggest christianity. Read the Bible and study it. go to churches and listen to preachers that follow what it says. Research what differnt religions hold as a standard and what the Bible says. Try some of these semons.


  2. i believe the biggest thing to do is to develop what feels right. I think you will feel when you are on the right path, just keep developing your ethics and beliefs until you feel satisfied.

    good luck

  3. Christianity… When ever you ask the lord Jesus Christ for anything- you have to have faith- God will give it to you. Read the Bible

  4. The truth is in the Bible.

    Do yourself a favor and read The Left Behind series of books – fictional because the subject has not happened yet but factual as it is based on biblical prophecy.

    It is real convicting and an easy read – you can’t put it down. Of course, nothing is better than reading the Bible itself

  5. It’s in your own heart. You won’t find it by looking for someone else’s idea of truth…your truth is already in your heart. You know it in the little things you do, feel, say because they come from your soul. When you find someone to share your heart, your soul with…you’ll have all the answers you seek.

  6. Jesus is the truth that you’ve been looking for.
    Matthew 5:3 Blessed are the poor in spirit for theirs in the kingdom of heaven.
    Matthew 5:6 Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness:for they shall be filled.
    Romans 10:9 That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus,and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead,thou shalt be saved.

  7. Jesus is the Truth you are seeking. Eckart Tolle, as far as I understand, believes that Jesus was a great teacher, but that we do not need Him to be saved; we are our own salvation… let’s just not even go there. This is clearly, undoubtedly, the work of Satan. Poor Oprah has even tangled herself in the mess. Jesus says, “I am the way, the Truth, and the life. He who comes to me will have everlasting life.”

  8. The desire for God is written on every man’s heart. That’s what you’re feeling. It’s the most natural thing in the world. What’s most beautiful, most precious, is that God revealed Himself to us in the Person of Jesus Christ. With Him, your thirst for truth will be quenched. Go to the Church He founded, the one that is 2,000 years old, promised to be here until the end of time, that is one, is holy, is apostolic, and is Catholic.

    God bless.

  9. “相信”


  10. hm…
    This is one of those things that you find when you cease looking….because it is all around you, all the time. The harder you SEARCH for it, the further it will run from you.
    It may be that you are simply not ready or that you keep trying to define what the truth is without having an idea of what your needs are first.
    If you like, we can discuss this more. I was reared in Old traditions and have helped people with the same quest as yours.

  11. Hello ,
    To attain spirituality there is only one way always, that is to find true and alive master . but
    How can you know that who is true master this present time?
    For this first you have to know the characteristics of true master , and pray from your deep heart to GOD for helping you to find true master ,only then you can find .
    Because GOD and TRUE MASTER is one and same.

  12. That is because you are still seeking outside. Spirituality pertains to the spirit and the conscious being that is you. So why do you seek outside when the answer is inside?

    Many have sought this spirituality from other beings, in hopes that they grant them this satisfaction. But each and everyone’s sense of spirituality is in their own uniqueness. Thusly, relying on depending on an external entity is still seeking and relying on external factors, when in fact, you should be looking within.

    Buddhism is the teaching and study of living beings. Why is that? It’s because in buddhism, we tune our listening to within. By tuning our listening to within, we get in touch with our true, original mind… the mind that is originally still and tame, undefiled by the troublesome material world outside.

    In a sense, Buddhism is a tool to help us find our true self. It’s not about finding Buddha to give it to us. It’s not about relying on buddha to enlighten us. It’s about using the buddha’s teaching/advice to tune our listening to within us, and finding our true self. Thusly, in Buddhism, we actually depend on our own self to realize who we are… after all, you are you, so why should I or someone else be the one to tell you? You have to find out for yourself, and that is what Buddhism teaches you… teaching you how to find yourself. And that will be true spirituality as you truly get in touch with your spirit.

    If you depend on someone else to get in touch with your spirit, that’s great for them, but of no benefit to you. So that is why, you must tune your listening to within, and YOU must be the one to find it.

  13. Attaining spirituality is not easy as people thinks. One should reach to certain level of realm of mind to attain spirituality. Learning different methods viz. Buddhism etc. may not much help-full. Sincerity and serious involvement, complete faith in the teachings, full surrender to the self, etc. is absolutely necessary to attain spirituality. You may choose any school of thought, all methods are similar one, don’t think one is superior and another as inferior. Once you choose a method of learning and a master don’t change; which will be the major hindrance to attain spirituality. You can send personal mails to moneyvm@mail.geojit.com and I shall try to assist you to my limited capacity.

  14. The attainment of inner experiences and realizations requires consistent effort in correct practice. Everything will come with effort, no results will come from laziness.

  15. You are a spiritual being. its a gift. This awareness level comes when you question with your own mind what you think. This is a new day. With new work to do in the world to build up unity of humanity, family and community. Making heaven here is no easy task. we reach out and the unseen guides us. Peace comes when you love, as love is the seed to the seed of peace that comes from within. The truth is absolute, in this religious cycle we live in. For me I found truth in the Baha’i Faith. Truth for anyone of us is an individual effort and the weighing of knowledge within your own mind.. no one can tell you the truth is only here. the truth is everywhere. stick to the one that lowers not your station. But allows eternal growth.

  16. I can identify with your question wholeheartedly. I, too, have explored many avenues of searching for answers. I have found that many of the methods you speak about in your question may have a hint of what spirituality is but not quite how to achieve it.

    My quest began with the death of my aunt. I was in so much agony and turmoil that I cried out to G-d and demanded some answers–He gave me an answer by leading me to a website on myspace which had a link to a video about perceiving reality and information for free lessons on how to attain spirituality.

    This was my answer, “my truth”. I will give you a link and I hope you too can find the peace, method and satisfaction that I have and still do.


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