reflexology schools in hawaii in Maui, Hawaii Reflexology is one of the most ancient healing arts. It was practiced by the ancient Egyptians, Indians, and the Chinese. This is often treated as a complementary therapy that serves both as bodywork and as an energy medicine. It is Dr. William Fitzgerald, an ENT specialist in the United States, who brought the concept of reflexology to the Western countries. The idea on which the basic functional concept of reflexology is based is that the reflex points in the feet as well as in the hands are directly associated with the rest of the organs of the body. It is based on this idea that the big toe is treated in order to provide a healing touch to the head. The treatment processes in reflexology demand the reflexologist to use his hands only in order to administer the treatment. What the reflexologist does while treating a patient is to massage the points of foot gently, the points being mostly the reflex points. Since every individual requires a different approach, the whole process of reflexology is made highly individualized. The pain heals in its own course. The Hawaiian Islands happen to be a great place for learning these techniques. Once you learn massage in Maui, for instance, these things will be clearer to you. In what situation should people be given the treatment of reflexology? If you decide to learn massage in Maui in such a massage school that deals in reflexology, you will have a fair idea about its implementation

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