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  1. The Wood dragon is your Ascendant sign. The inner you. The animal of the hour is the second factor when calculating the horoscope. The year animal describes the Yang image that people project to the outside world, the everyday personality that outsiders recognize. The Hour animal is a reflection of the inner Yin personality that person would like to be.; that part of the personality people like to keep hidden; the secret ambitions and desires that can never be realized. The Hour animal also reflects the individuals relationship with children. If the astrologer is asked a question about children when looking at the full horoscope, the sign of the hour would be examined.

    The day animal reveals how people relate to those of their own generation: partners, brothers and sisters, work colleagues and friends. And Whereas the Year animal gives an overview of a persons personality and life prospects, the Day animal is used to give more specific information about different stages in a persons life.
    The month animal represents the relationship you have with your employers.

    From my anylyzing personally , the hour and year animal are the important ones, the hour animal is very very true.

    Someone born in the Dragon year would benefit from having a Pig Ascendent , for example.
    And someone born in the Sheep year , would benefit having a Dragon Ascendent.

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