4 thoughts on “what should i go with more western astrology or chinese astrology?

  1. It is the preference of yours only where to go whether Western astrology or Chinese astrology.

  2. I am knowledgeable in both Western Zodiac and Chinese astrology.

    In your case, you should go with Western.

    The Chinese astrology that can help you out on compatibility is called “Ba Zi”.

    Unfortunately, vast majority of people who are NOT familiar with Chinese culture go only to the level of animal signs. This is not the way being done in the Chinese ethnic and Chinese culture communities. Animal signs are overly simplified and the accuracy is questionable (<<50%). So again, I'd suggest you go with Western and have it done correct 100% the first time.

  3. can’t help you with Chinese, BUT…

    Here’s what you need to know about Taurus and Scorpio: Live and Let Live

    SPECIALIZE and let each member of the team do what they are good at.

    Decide and acknowledge what each member of the team is good at, then give that member a “free hand”

    Let Taurus plan/plant the garden or make investments, WITHOUT undue reaction / criticism / intervention from Scorpio

    Taurus must grant Scorpio the right to be intense and emotional

    Let Scorpio be the pot-stirrer and look under the rocks (speaking BOTH literally AND metaphorically here), WITHOUT undue reaction / criticism / intervention from Taurus

    Scorpio must learn to grant Taurus the right to relax, take it easy, and go with the flow.

    When it comes to sex, learn to “take turns”, try to be flexible, and communicate (at least before and after).

    just my two cents

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