Collection of a Life’s Work — Can you relate?


Philosophy and adulthood cast aside
I haven’t accepted having to say goodbye.
Though people from my past live
they are frozen in possessions,
however warmly given, in the climate of departing.

Stuffed animals with vacant gazes
model emptiness I feel around such things.
There is no compromise in a goodbye.

I haven’t learned to treasure
reminders of a pleasure
so great in its entirety.

So I have a sizeable collection
of a life’s work of affections.

I may stare at books and letters,
handle candles and trinkets in sorrow,
because they were given
when it was time to start remembering.

But I cannot share remembering
and I don’t need things
to remember sharing.

Like a petulant child
I cling to feelings
for people I still love.

Thoughts of them come
like little stars
in a quiet,
midnight sky.

Gee Quas,
that was helpful 🙂

1 thought on “Collection of a Life’s Work — Can you relate?

  1. I could relate during a night of drinking, but sober, I could not really care about any of that, sorry.

    Emotions are only as bad (or good) as one chooses to use them in life.

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