How can you make your chakra do magic?

In naruto they use there chakra to do magic.I wanna know how so I can do replication.

3 thoughts on “How can you make your chakra do magic?

  1. That’s just a cartoon its not real . But if you are interested in Chakras I would encourage you to kook it up on the Internet and look for books an about it in your local Library. All chakras are energy vortexes in your body.

  2. That’s not what real chakra is, if they even, in fact, exist. Why in the world is this in performing arts?

  3. Chakras ( I hope we are talking about the same charkras) are the energy pionts in your body ( They really exist). They control your energy levels depending on type of activity you do. The ancient saints in India attained Nirvana with the help of these chakras. You can learn Yoga ( age old, trusted Indian Therapy). This not only helps you to activate your chakras but also will improve your health.

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