Thich Nhat Hanh – The End of Suffering

From ´Graceful Passages `featuring a collection of various spiritual teacher from several religions, talking and giving advice to the dying.

25 thoughts on “Thich Nhat Hanh – The End of Suffering

  1. Sending this out to friends on facebook who are mourning the loss of a loved one…
    May he hold you up in his gentle hands and surround with his gentle light and help you in this trying time… Remember it is only a transition… and you will be joined again…

  2. sometimes i get caught up in the world around me, but when there’s a lot going on, i always look up a thich nhat hanh video – his words are so true and meaningful


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  4. you can feel your heart fill up with love and compassion listening to his words, “a smile is born on my lips” 🙂

  5. Why would any one give this a thumbs down or not like it? This is beautiful 🙂 I love thich nhat hahn! Truly an inspiring person!

  6. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for posting this – this helps me sooo much with my daily meditations of beingness. On the “Graceful Passages” album Jyoti is on there, too – the walk home – and this is just as beautiful.

  7. When people speak about peace, mindfulness, and compassion; scare those who profit somehow from war, so those who profit from the suffering of others, speak hatefully against those who seek peace. Thich Nhat Hanh speaks about peace, preaches about peace. He is a great man!

  8. @applecore oh yeah… there is a great expansion beyond this level of mind control and manipulation with fear and terrorism. Though I guess I cannot say too has been 6 years since I have been in America. And It has been 3 years I have been doing Monk work studying ancient lumerian temples. So much light and so much darkness in the world. Waking people up to the choice of choosing light will break away old fears and suffering. Once the choice is made. But one must choose with intent

  9. @TheiGODProject
    I didnt know the Americans (or western countries generally) needed drugs to control people. After all they have TV, radio, cinema, music all different methods to keep people in ‘control.’ America and the UK in particular want to say that we should live in fear of terrorism and try to keep us ‘safe.’ When in actual fact its an excuse to degrade and take away our human rights. The people we should really fear are people within OUR society.

  10. @neoperseus do your homework buddy, you attract what you want into your life the minute you realize your living. In your own anger you have become as conscious as a dead rat. And for your information… they are convincing parents to it is in the best for their child they take a stimulant similar to cocaine called Adderall. to kinds under 12 years old… it’s an addictive drug and sets the child up to be more receptacle to addiction later n Life. u should watch my teaching, mayB u can grow up

  11. @neo After the US occupation Afghanistan became one of the three largest exporters of opium and Heroin on the planet. Too dangerous there.. how many military stations there are in Columbia? Which sends drugs 2 Mexico or in CIA jets 2 US and has become the largest heroin exporter in the world. I have just accepted the sad fact is most people are egotistical, self centered, and arrogant. Yet you come here to listen to and end of suffering lecture. I came to give advice to people who may b suffer

  12. @neoperseus If you believe this you obviously have no idea about the truth of the world. And buddy, Yes, the CIA and American government have a campaign to get as many people addicted to drugs in as many forms as possible.. I fight to stop this. Your sad ego and “Genuine Happiness” shines through hard in your comment. You sad blind ignorance is what is going to keep the masses from allowing us to ascend. B 4 the US occupation of Afghanistan the country drug export as hash to Europe.

  13. @TheiGODProject ” The American school system got me addicted to drugs”???? People like you who refuse to own their behaviour will always be a loser. You got addicted to drugs because of lazy parenting and lack of discipline and/or morals on your part. Nobody who hasn’t physically forced you to take drugs can “get” you addicted. I am genuinely sick of lazy wastes of space like you. I hope you will find a very quick end to your suffering and leave us to enjoy this life.

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