Do you get attracted to men or women born on a particular sun sign or signs ‘often’ and most attractive?

I am a taurus female and ‘most’ men (those I meet as well as celebrities) I get attracted to turns out to be leo or cancer males. Do you often get attracted men or women born in a particular sun sign or signs? Have you ever noticed that?

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  1. yes im a libra and im instantly attracted to geminis…very weird but i don’t complain x)

  2. My aquarius moon makes me attracted to Aquarius men and my venus in scorpio makes my curious about Scorpio men. I’ve never dated either though. I’m too scared of the unpredictable Aquarius and I’m afraid of going deep with Scorpio. Oh, my Capricorn rising makes capricorn men seem sexy and I have acted on that. I’m comfortable with that sign. I like them.

  3. I am usually attracted toScorpio’s, Libra’s, and other Aquarius’s(especially Aquarius celebrities)(Christian Bale…yummy), but I usually attract Aries for some reason even though they annoy me greatly.

  4. I’m attracted to Sagittarius and Capricorn women. They’re both independent in their own ways and have a head on their shoulders. I’ve been in a relationships with a Sagittarian woman for 4 months now and it’s been nothing but perfect.

  5. Im an aquarius and Ive noticed that I tend to be more attracted to cancers and virgos even though we aren’t supposed to actually go well together. Ive dated one cancer before and I will never do it again. Im currently with a virgo and he’s absolutely wonderful! 😀
    My two best friends are a cancer and a libra.

  6. Yeah im a Scorpio female and I tend to be attracted to Arian men and Leo men. I prefer the Arians tho! lol Leos are too annoying and too much work! lol

  7. Sagittarius sun
    Leo moon
    Aquarius rising
    Scorpio Venus
    Aries Mars

    I tend to be attracted to Aquarius and Leos.
    But I can be attracted to any sign, but mostly those two.

  8. This is great q, im sure alot of people ask themselves this question (atleast people who pay attention to signs anyways)

    Im a male cap

    I notice that attraction between me and other virgo girls almost right away.

    Also if im in a position to where I get in good with a leo girl or aries girl(as far as go on a date with one), an attraction is there too.

    (all three I think are mutual from what I noticed)

    You know how everyone usually pays attention to looks/personality…..then might consider the sign??…..If I find out a girl is a scorpio, even if she may not be physically attractive to me, i still might be more attracted to her (or atleast more interested in her, if I find out shes a scorpio) Like if a notice a scorpio tattoo somewhere or how some proud scorpio girls almost always “accidentally” (wink-wink) blert out there b-day to others (b/c they want others to know theyre scorpios) lol understandable.xD

    But yeah….

    when I find out a girl is virgo, pisces, scorp, taurus, (in that order)…. Im already that much more intersted in them.

    virgo b/c im almost that much more confident b/c i already assume they like my cap personality and the attraction is there.

    Pisces cause I almost find that there is a mutual sexual attraction/personality difference, I like what you could potentially offer me and I assume that they are attracted to what I could potentially offer them. (this sounds weird when reading it, but hopefully you understand)

    Scorpio….nuff said, everybody and they momma wants to experience a scorpio. (shakes head, rolls eyes)

    Taurus…cause the sexual physical chemistry and conversation is I assume is going to be automatic.

    And I think other virgo and pisces girls are that much more interested in me when they find out im a cap

  9. i’m usually attracted to leos and sagittarius because they’re outspoken and confident..
    gemini and aquarius because they’re so intelligent and funny.

  10. I am so much a Libra. Most of my close female friends are Leo’s (Fire) and Aquarius (Air). Natural attractions and not specifically looked for. I think the Leo’s tend to look out for me from their maternal part of their signs (where I need looking out for) and I know how to fan their fires with discretion to our relationship. I know how to flow with the cool Aquarians. I admire their “I don’t care what they think of me” confident attitudes. (My adult son is an Aquarius and we have always meshed well.)
    My best friend in the whole world is a Sag. I love her to death and at the same time she is a real challenge to me for patience in allowing her fire to burn. In return, she understands me and allows me to be my flowy airy self. She mirrors back to me what she see’s. Sometimes it stokes my ego and sometimes it makes me think hard about how I see myself as well as how others see me.
    My male attractions are fire and air signs, “star” and in real life. I click the best with Aquarius, Aries, Gemini’s, Sag’s and intellectually, Virgo’s. I am married to a Sagitarius. He “see’s” me and I love that. I have learned how far to take him to as not fan his fires too much! It’s never boring.

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