What herbal remedy can i use for cleansing my urinogenital system?

My libido is OK,but my girlfriend keeps complaining that she doesn’t reach her climax before i’m through and tired.
What could be the problem and can herbal medicine do the trick?
What type of herbal medicine please!

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  1. MIXED OYSTER POWDER is produced by using oyster powder extracted from fresh oyster. It possesses all the benefits of oyster in a convenient capsule form. The product is extracted by using advanced biotechnology to preserve its bioactive ingredients during processing.


    Oyster Powder: 150mg
    Vegetable Cellulose: 150mg

    Mixed Oyster Powder is produced by using oyster powder extracted from fresh oysters. Contains no sugar, preservatives or artificial flavouring

    Recommended Dosage:

    2 capsules each time, 1-2 times a week. Keep away from children.

    Additional Information:


    Mixed Oyster Powder is produced using oyster powder extracted from fresh oysters using advanced biotechnology methods to preserve the active ingredients. Fresh oysters are obtained from maritime and deep-sea bays of Bei Hai and Qing Zhou City in the Guang Xi Province. Long Meng Harbour in Qing Zhou City produces the highest quality oysters.

    Benefit 1: Prostate Gland Health

    Poor blood cirulation will affect the functions of various organs in our body, including the prostate gland. The most common prostate problem is Benign Prostate Enlargement, a condition in which the prostate gland increases in size causing a partial obstruction of the bladder. With restored circulation from bodywork, Mixed Oyster Powder functions to help the prostate gland to return to health.

    Benefit 2: Blood Circulation

    Nitric oxide is actually what our blood vessels use to stay dilated, so our blood can flow through them more easily and efficiently. Mixed Oyster Powder is a premium formula that contains nutrients, which support healthy arteries, veins and circulation, as well as promotes and supports healthy sexual function. Mixed Oyster Powder may improve blood circulation in the lungs thus increasing the oxyen supply to the rest

    condition of obstructed menses.

    Comes in boxes of 4 sachets, each sachet contains 2 capsules.

    Every 600mg (2 capsules) contains:
    Energy: 2 kcal (10kJ)
    Carbohydrate: 0.5 g
    Proteins: 0 g
    Fats: 0 g

    Pharmacological Values::

    Carbohydrates (Glycogen)
    Vitamin A
    Vitamin B complex
    Vitamin C
    Vitamin D
    Vitamin E

    Quantity Retail Price:
    West Malaysia 8 capsules RM 155.00
    East Malaysia 8 capsules RM 155.00

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  2. My mother says that there are lots of remedies for cleansing the urinal system.

    Making pure Winter Melon soup is one of them. (Though it’ll make you go to the washroom a little more often)

    Drinking lots of water is also another thing. =D

    There are many places (like a herbal doctor or something) that could help you. =3 I hope that helped a little (my mom can’t fin the book, and I can’t read chinese XP sorry)

  3. stay away frmo Oyster powder it is a shell fish and is highly toxic with Mercury and other toxic stuff. Certified Organic Cranberry Juice will do the trick. Get it from your local health food store. You must drink it consistantly and it must be certified organic cranberry juice.

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  5. Sweetheart, if your girlfriend complains you gave her a yeast infection then a urogenital cleanse is a good idea. It sounds to me like you have a different problem altogether. You don’t need a cleanse; you need rest, a good multivitamin and time. Time used to play with your girlfriend’s clitoris until she is super hot for you. After that it doesn’t matter so much how long you take, just try to let her come first. If that doesn’t help, consider taking a circulatory stimulant, such as ginkgo or damiana to help your erections last longer.

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