What is the most important factor is choosing your own spiritual path?

I pretty much already have my own ideas about this, but I wanted to see what other people thought.

Note, this is not asking what spiritual path you think everyone should take, this is asking what one person should take into consideration when choosing what spiritual path is right for them, and only them.

Alright, ready set GO!

21 thoughts on “What is the most important factor is choosing your own spiritual path?

  1. Most important———–that it gives you contentment in yourself and the world around you.

  2. That you are not influenced by anyone else. Set your own path, not based on the path of others.

  3. Make it your OWN. Follow your Heart not your head. It will feel right and be instinctive. When you see it you will “resonate” with it and you will Know….

  4. Which do you lack?

    Christians very good in teaching Love (Unconditional).
    Buddhists very good in teaching Wisdom.

    People are practical.

  5. the path I chose was the right one for me…it’s not for anyone else…but then I firmly believe that G-d having granted us free will, then gave us the power to choose for ourselves…so make your choice and live with the consequenses of that choice, ofr good or ill.

  6. For me, what is truth. It doesn’t so much matter what gives me peace or makes me happy. But I’m interested in what’s true.

  7. I used to wear a button that said “Fun is my spiritual path.” Seriously though, it’s kindness and compassion that speaks to me. What tradition can you find that is greater than kindness? And I might add, kindness is decidedly lacking from most of the so-called religious people on YA.

  8. you don’t have any idea of any kind of spirit or spiritual path. don’t babble. shat up. go and worship Buda spirit.

  9. Pure, gut instinct on what’s in your heart. Whatever you’ve read about, or heard about, that makes you want to stand on top of a building, arms raised to the sky, and say “Yes! This is exactly what I believe!” It can be a religion, or lack of religion, or spirituality, whatever.

    If you don’t feel this strongly about any religion, it might be best to look elsewhere for your personal spiritual path. Look inside yourself, and to the love you feel from your family and friends. Maybe a science book. *smile*

  10. The word “spiritual” never was too clear to me. Specially I noticed
    even many Atheists and Agnostics are interested in this word.
    But if you are talking about religion–I chose Islam. Because,
    I found it’s teachings to be mostly consistent. And I don’t believe strictly that it was my choice. God chose me and blessed me with the truth. There are many questions that I am exploring still. Hopefully,
    I will get the answers–just not believing blindly. I got disturbed when I read the Bible–where there are descriptions of mass-murder,child-killing, incest. There are parallel descriptions of the same incident in Quran–where they were not present. For example, the story of Lot are in both Quran and Bible–but the incest of Lot with his daughters is absent. There are many. Have to read and compare.

  11. To be able to be in the moment, to really see the heart of another human being, compassion and gentleness, yet boldness when you need to speak out against something or someone hurting another.

    To follow goodness and peace….And one last important thing, to be able to use humor to bring healing to an injured soul.

  12. 1. make a list of your needs, and see what religion full fills them

    2. meditate..go inside your self, and love what is there, and continue to meditate,and see what …is reveled to you.

    3 go to web sight and read about [all-religions] and see what many people say about them,…especially go to the on line ,encyclopedia wikipedia.. and get a UN BIASED VIEW OF -ALL OF THEM.



    4 ask others what they feel about ther paths, and see how there religion affects there lives.

    5.visit [all] the churches ,temples , and mosks, [sorry about the miss spelling], core ct it later ,and see how they [feel to you]

    6. read excerpts of all the [holy books] even the rationalist atheist literature, and see what they say


    after all this , then use your rational mind, and Analyze the pros and cons of each path…….and chose the best one for you…knowing you all ways have the option of changing to another on., or none at all

    all so try each one…for a few months, and see how they feel to you.


  13. For me being content with myself,allowing good and bad experience’s enrich my life,so i can be a stronger person and build a healthy out look for my future,to have positive people around me, friends who make this life enlightening.x

  14. Get your mouth out of my face.

    Powerful member of the House of Light.
    adderastros.com is temporarily down for renovaton.

  15. I can barely articulate what my spiritual path is and yet it fills my days and my dreams. I am a mystic, I find out about the Divine through personal experience. So I can’t put it into words easily. It involves true compassion, altruism, honesty, integrity. I don’t know what I am, what do labels mean? Some say I am crazy, some say I am an Angel. I know what I am but cannot communicate it.

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